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Does Personality Change Over Time Or Remain Constant From Birth?

Personality Traits:
  • Openness to Experience
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism
  • Agreeableness
  • Extroversion
Personality does change over time (a long time). Research finds that as we mature, so do our personalities and it’s a significant, although small, change over one’s lifetime. Specifically, people tend to ‘peak’ in middle age. This means that personality has a stable component across the life span, and that personality is also malleable.

What does this mean for employers who use personality tests to screen applicants? Are the results still reliable?

Solutions to Your Problems

Do your employees do things like this?

That's why we have spelling, grammar, workplace reading and attention-to-detail tests available. They help you screen out applicants hoo can't spel or reed to good.

For a wide range of basic skills assessment solutions, check out our General Pre-Screening, Math, Reading and Writing categories.

Product Showcase

Pandemic Resilience Test

Has the COVID-19 pandemic...
  • Created financial or relationship challenges?
  • Negatively affected your mental health?
  • Made it hard to cope with everyday like?
If so, then take the PRT. The FREE Pandemic Resilience Test evaluates a number of traits and skills that play an important role in people's response to adversity, and offers loads of helpful, down-to-earth advice on how to manage the stress and fear stirred up by the COVID-19 epidemic. The Test evaluates nine factors, eight of which can act as a protective psychological “shield” against the stress caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

New Tests

Psychometric Personality Test with Cognitive Aptitude Test

Use the Psychometric Personality Test with Cognitive Aptitude Test to screen applicants for intelligent, ethical and hard-working employees.  See the Psychometric Personality Test as well.

Contact Tracer Test

Use the Contact Tracer Test to screen medical services applicants for disease tracking skills, communication, reliability, thoroughness.

Careprovider Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile

Use the Careprovider Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile to assess candidates for the personality traits and skills they need to succeed as caregivers.

Work From Home/Telecommuting Test I (Personality Only)

Use the Work From Home/Telecommuting Test I to identify trustworthy, hard working, dependable, autonomous employees who can multi-task and work remotely.  This test assesses Personality Only.  See the Work From Home/Telecommuting Test II as an alternative.
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