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Employee Assessment Tests & Custom Survey Services

Expertly providing the most effective Skills and Aptitude Tests and Custom Surveys since 1979.

For over 40 years, Creative Organizational Design has provided an extensive selection of reliable, accurate and validated Assessment Tools for screening, testing and developing employees.

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Creative Organizational Design has been helping organizations assess their applicants and employees for over 40 years.  We’d like to help you too.

"Finding the solution is easy, it's identifying the problem that's difficult."

Albert Einstein

TEST Employees or Applicants to:

  • Hire or promote the right employees using pre-screening tests and assessments.
  • Keep the right employees by determining skill levels, aptitude, ability, and attitude.
  • Reliably measure honesty, customer service, management skills, dexterity, teamwork, burnout, time management, stress, and much more.

Our expertise lies in helping you to choose the right test for your unique needs from hundreds of available options.

SURVEY Employees or Customers to:

  • Measure customer satisfaction, employee attitudes, client services, alumni needs, marketing opportunities, website satisfaction, and more.
  • Creating effective survey questions is an art and a science. Don't waste the opportunity to truly get the information you need. Trust our expertise to help you to create a truly effective survey.

Our expertise lies in helping you to ask the right questions, in the right format, to create an effective survey that accesses the information you need.

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Have you ever wondered why you'd even *want* an assessment or how to determine which one(s) are the best for your needs?

Fear not! We have an ebook that answers your questions. Have a look at "What Every Employer Should Know About Assessments" or contact us for help with your specific needs.
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