Auto Technician Test

Measures knowledge and skills in the area of automobile repair.


This 60-item test is intended for use with applicants and incumbents for jobs where knowledge and skill in the area of automobile repair is a necessary part of job activities.

Categories tested include:

• Electrical and Electronic Systems
• Accessories
• Mechanical Maintenance & Equipment Installation
• Prints, Schematics & Diagrams
• Welding, and Tools
• Materials & Equipment
• Power Transmission and Lubrication
• Fuel Systems and Internal Combustion Engines
• Cooling and Heating Systems
• Inspection
• Record Keeping
• Mathematics & Environmental Concerns
• Shop Machines

This test contains 60 items in a multiple-choice format. In a sample of 51 experienced auto technicians, reliability was .90 with a mean score of 40.75, a standard deviation of 9.59, and a standard error of measurement of 3.03.

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