Canadian Personnel Selection Inventory (CPSI)

Pre-screen for honesty, tenure, customer relations, work values, supervision attitudes etc


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The CPSI is an online multiple choice test which accurately identifies attitudes which are proven predict on-the-job performance. The CPSI will aid in the selection of honest and productive employees. The CPSI is easy to administer to groups or individuals. It takes less than half an hour and the results are normally sent to you within hours and is an inexpensive and highly reliable way to pre-screen applicants. As with any selection tool, the CPSI should be used in conjunction with other standard selection and interview processes.

American customers: Please refer to the Personnel Selection Inventory series.

The Canadian Personnel Selection Inventory measures applicants on the following scales:

The Honesty Scale on the PSI measures an applicant’s attitudes toward theft, as well as the likelihood that the individual will not engage in theft-related behavior once hired.

Tenure or Job Commitment
The Tenure or Job Commitment Scale on the PSI measures turnover risk, and the likelihood that the applicant will not quit after a short period of time.

Employee/Customer Relations
The Employee/Customer Relations Scale on the PSI measures an applicant’s tendencies toward courtesy, cooperation and service.

Work Values
The Work Values Scale on the PSI measures an applicant’s attitude toward work and positive work habits.

Supervision Attitudes
The Supervision Attitudes Scale on the PSI measures the likelihood that the applicant will respond appropriately to supervision.

The Validity Scale measuring Distortion identifies applicants who completed the inventory in a socially desirable manner. Low scores indicate a tendency to exaggerate positive qualities and minimize negative traits.

The Validity Scale measuring Accuracy determines if the applicant both understood the inventory and carefully completed it.

Applicant Employability Index
The Applicant Employability Index is a composite score that provides a quick reference as to the applicant’s overall suitability for hire.

Versions Available:

The CPSI is legal in Canada and is available in four versions. All versions of the CPSI are available in French.

Measures attitudes toward tenure, interpersonal cooperation and honesty.

Measures attitudes toward work values, employee/customer relations, tenure, supervision and honesty.

Measures attitudes toward work values, employee/customer relations, tenure, supervision, safety and honesty.


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