Coping Inventory for Stressful Situations (CISS)

Measure 3 types of coping styles: Task-Oriented, Emotion-Oriented, and Avoidance Coping.

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Ages: Adolescent (13–18) and Adult (18+)

Administration: Self-report

Administration Time: 10 minutes

Formats: Handscored

Key Areas Measured:

• Task-Oriented Coping
• Emotion-Oriented Coping
• Avoidance-Oriented Coping
• Distraction
• Social Diversion

The CISS assessment allows you to effectively measure three major types of coping styles: Task-Oriented, Emotion-Oriented, and Avoidance Coping. It also identifies two types of avoidance patterns: Distraction and Social Diversion.

This 48-item inventory is available in versions for adolescents and adults. Gender-specific norms are available for adults, college students, adolescents, correctional populations, psychiatric patients, and various occupational groups.

The manual describes the development and potential uses of the CISS assessment and includes relevant examples. QuikScore™ Forms enable easy recording, scoring, and response profiling.

The CISS self-report is especially useful for making assessment and placement decisions for psychiatric patients, correctional populations, college counseling centers, employee hiring and counseling situations, medical patients, stress and wellness programs, and any other situations where it is useful to assess an individual’s coping style and ability.

The CISS:SSC form is a 21-item measure for adults. The instructions are modified such that responses are given with a designated stressful situation in mind. Norms are given for situations involving social evaluation, change in social situation, relationship or interpersonal conflict, and general stress.

This is a B-Level product available only to qualified individuals.

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