Customer Service Applicant Inventory (CSAI)

Measures customer service attitudes, team effectiveness, service quality and performance.


The Customer Service Applicant Inventory (CSAI) is designed to help you determine whether a candidate has strong attitudes toward customer service that can lead to an increase in team effectiveness, service quality and performance. It is designed for entry-level, customer service positions. This test is not timed and takes approximately 50 minutes.

The CSAI measures the following scales:

Customer Service: Courteous, cooperative and friendly attitudes toward customers as well as basic sales techniques.

Teamwork: Cooperative work efforts and behaviours.

Communication: Willingness and ability to communicate effectively in groups or individual situations.

Stress Tolerance: The extent to which a candidate copes with stress.

Honesty: Whether or not a candidate will engage in theft or theft-related behaviour.

Drug Avoidance: Using or selling illicit drugs on the job.

Safety: The level of safety consciousness and the likelihood that the candidate will be a safety risk.

Training Readiness: Desire to learn and overall trainability.

Applied Math: Basic mathematical ability as it relates to multiplying, counting money and making change.

Employability Index: A reference to the overall suitability for hire.

Validity/Candidness: Indicates the extent to which a candidate responds to the assessment in a socially desirable manner.

Validity/Accuracy: Indicates the degree to which the applicant understood and carefully completed the inventory.

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