Employee Productivity Index (EPI™)

Use the EPI to ensure that your applicants are drug free, dependable, safety conscious, courteous, cooperative and customer oriented.

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We regret to announce that as of February 2019 only the paper-booklet version of this product has been temporarily discontinued.

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Use the EPI to ensure that your applicants are drug free, dependable, safety conscious and cooperative.   Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for things like:

  • Dependability
  • Drug Avoidance
  • Interpersonal Cooperation
  • Safety

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The EPI assessment helps identify dependable, dedicated applicants with productive and conscientious work attitudes. This assessment helps identify applicants who are more likely to improve customer and employee relations as well as enhance an employer’s business image.

EPI Scales

Dependability – Measures willingness to do the work assigned while obeying company rules. Also indicates the likelihood that your applicant will show up for work on schedule.

Interpersonal Cooperation – likelihood that an applicant will be courteous and cooperative with other and will positively contribute to employee morale and customer satisfaction.

Drug Avoidance – likelihood that an applicant will not use or sell illicit drugs on the job.

Safety – Assesses the likelihood that an applicant will not be involved in an accident at work.

Productivity Index – The Dependability, Interpersonal Cooperation, and Drug Avoidance scales contribute to an overall composite scale called the Productivity Index. This scale is the single most important evaluation guide to projected applicant performance. It tells you the likelihood that this applicant will be a successful employee. NOTE: The Validity/Accuracy and the Productivity Index scores are the only scores from the EPI that should be used to aid in making a hiring decision.

Significant Behavioural Indicators – The significant behavioral indicators are applicant responses to individual EPI questions. They are highlighted either because the response is representative of a poor answer pattern, or is unusual for an otherwise good answer pattern. These indicators are provided as supplementary information only.

Validity/Accuracy – degree to which an applicant understood and carefully completed the inventory.

Normative Data – Norms are based upon job candidates from organization in a wide range of industries.

Validation Studies – Validation studies have been conducted on the EPI assessment and are available upon request.

Reports – The EPI report includes individual scale score and Significant Behavioural Indicators – a narrative list to help pinpoint areas for further investigation.

Job Types – Entry Level to mid level positions.




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