Flanagan Industrial Tests (FIT)

18 industrial basic skills tests for entry level supervisory, tech, labour positions.


The FACT and FIT assessment products are a series of complementary tests designed to measure a variety of basic skills related to industrial job roles such as:

  • Arithmetic
  • Inspection
  • Memory
  • Assembly
  • Judgement
  • Reasoning
  • Ingenuity

These tests provide the answers you need to make an informed hiring or promotion decision.

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Special Announcement

We regret to announce that as of February 2019 this product has been temporarily  discontinued.  Until further notice it is no longer available for purchase.  We’re anticipating its return in late 2020 (likely in an online format).  We apologize for the inconvenience that this creates for current users.  We will be glad to help you select an alternate product in the meantime.  Please contact us for recommendations or check out some of the following alternatives:

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The FIT battery offers 18 individually sold tests that are used for selection, placement, reassignment, and vocational counseling. It offers 18 individually sold tests that are designed to help measure distinct aptitudes or functions important to a variety of industrial positions. Percentile norms are based on more than 40 job classifications. Validation studies were conducted in various companies for a variety of jobs and measures were found to be related to job performance. Note: The FIT battery differs from the FACT™ battery in that the FIT tests are generally for upper-level positions and have shorter time limits.

The tests may be used separately or in any combination. They are designed for Supervisory, technical, office, skilled labour and other industrial positions. These are paper and pencil tests and each package of 25 booklets contains one type of test. They are hand-scored with scoring stencil, yielding 18 individual scores. Each test takes about 5-15 minutes to complete.

Arithmetic – Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Five-minute time limit.

Assembly – Ability to visualize how separate pieces will look as a whole. Ten-minute time limit.

Components – Ability to identify a simple figure that is part of a complete drawing. Ten-minute time limit.

Coordination – Ability to control hand and arm movements while working through a series of mazes. Five-minute time limit.

Electronics – Ability to understand electrical and electronic principles as well as analyze diagrams of electrical circuits. Fifteen-minute time limit.

Expression – Knowledge of correct grammar and sentence structure. Five-minute time limit.

Ingenuity – Ability to think of ingenious and effective ways of solving problems. Fifteen-minute time limit.

Inspection – Ability to spot imperfections or flaws in a series of objects. Five-minute time limit. ***

Judgment and Comprehension – Ability to read and comprehend given information. Fifteen-minute time limit.

Mathematics and Reasoning – Ability to reason through mathematical word problems. Fifteen-minute time limit.

Mechanics – Ability to understand mechanical principles and analyze mechanical movement. Fifteen-minute time limit.

Memory – Ability to memorize different terms and their meanings. Ten-minute time limit.

Patterns – Ability to perceive and reproduce pattern outlines accurately. Five-minute time limit.

Planning – Ability to plan, organize and schedule various types of activities. Fifteen-minute time limit.

Precision – Capacity for precision work with small objects. Five-minute time limit.

Scales – Ability to read scales, graphs and charts. Five-minute time limit.

Tables – Ability to read tables quickly and accurately. Five-minute time limit.

Vocabulary – Knowledge of words used in business and government environments. Fifteen-minute time limit.

Normative Data Percentile norms and stanines provided are based on more than 40 job classifications. Percentile norms and stanines are also listed for 12th-grade students and male university students entering their first year.

Validation Studies FIT was validated in various companies and was found to be predictive of job success for a number of different jobs.






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