General Reasoning Test

Measures verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logic, math skills, spatial reasoning etc.

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Purpose: This test provides a fairly quick, easy to administer test of general mental ability. Like most “omnibus” general intelligence tests, it taps several types of reasoning: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logic, math skills, spatial reasoning, and basic knowledge. It is designed to give a single measure of mental ability based on several types of mental processes.

When To Use It: If you want a quick timed measure of general mental ability that provides one score
this is the right choice.

Target Group: This test can be used with any type candidate.

High Scorers: High scorers are quick to pick up new information, are alert to new ideas that might be applied to their jobs, are capable of grasping difficult concepts on their own, handle a large fund of information, deal with various forms of complexity in a job with ease, and are able assess relevant factors in ambiguous situations to come up with logical, insightful decisions.

Low Scorers: Low scorers need structured learning experiences to consume new information. They need rules and procedures to guide their decision making on the job. Preferring jobs with narrow assignments and responsibilities, low scorers do not cope well with complexity or volume of information.

Number of Items: N=5O multiple choice items.

Time Limits: 12 minutes

Validity: The test correlates highly (r=.76**) with the Wonderlic Personnel Test, r=.83** with MAB-Verbal, r=.91** with MAS-Performance, and r=.91** with MAB-Full Scale.(MAB is the Multiple Aptitude Battery). It also correlates r=.72** with the Resource Associates Cognitive Aptitude Test, r=.36** with the B scale on the 16PF,r=.86..with the Otis Lennon Mental Ability Test, and .90** with college grade point average (i.e. academic achievement).These data are solid evidence that the predictive power of scores on the General Reasoning Test is very similar to other tests of general mental ability, thus demonstrating convergent validity.

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