Hospitality Retail Associate – Short Form

For customer centered entry-level positions that may or may not include a sales component.

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The Hospitality Retail Associate solution is for customer centered entry-level positions that may or may not include a sales component. The solution covers retail oriented positions within the hospitality industry, and sample tasks may include taking orders; solving product or service issues; responding positively to difficult customers; referring unresolved issues to the appropriate individuals; providing information on products and/or services. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Gift Shop Attendant, Sales Associate, Cashier, and Salesperson.

Job Level: Entry-level
Job Family/Title: Hospitality Suite
Time Allowed: 36 minutes
Number of Questions: 108 items (88 items on average)
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Remote Testing: Yes
Question Format: Simulations, Multiple choice, Forced choice – adaptive

Retail Sales and Service: This measures the extent to which the candidate uses effective customer service techniques while focusing on maximizing sales. This is characterized by: putting customers at ease, asking the right questions to identify customers’ wants and needs, making appropriate product recommendations that match customer requirements, and finding opportunities to maximize sales.

Conscientiousness: This component measures the tendency to exhibit personal responsibility, follow rules and guidelines, and complete work thoroughly and precisely. This trait is characterized by trustworthiness, fulfilling commitments, dedication to the completion of all work tasks completely and accurately, and organization.

Achievement: This component measures the tendency to set and accomplish challenging goals, while persisting in the face of significant obstacles. This trait is characterized by: working hard; taking satisfaction and pride in producing high-quality work; and being competitive.

Confidence and Optimism: This component measures the tendency to have belief in one’s own ability to get the job done. This trait supports optimism in the face of rejection and a feeling of being successful and competent in a variety of areas.

Influence: This component measures the tendency of a person’s effectiveness in directing and influencing others. This trait is characterized by: persuading and negotiating effectively with others; influencing others’ decision-making; and coordinating others’ efforts to accomplish work.

Service Professionalism: This is a measure of the tendency to have potential for success across industry type and functional area. This is characterized by scores that are derived from responses to questions regarding academic and social background, and aspirations concerning work.

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