Insurance Claims Agent

Clerical processing applications for, changes to, reinstatement of, and cancellation of insurance policies

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The Insurance Claims Agent solution is for entry-level clerical positions that involve processing applications for, changes to, reinstatement of, and cancellation of insurance policies. Sample tasks for this job include, but are not limited to: reviewing insurance applications to ensure that all questions have been answered; compiling data on insurance policy changes; changing policy records to conform to insured party’s specifications; compiling data on lapsed insurance policies to determine automatic reinstatement according to company policies; canceling insurance policies as requested by agents; and verifying the accuracy of insurance company records. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Claims Agent, Claims Representative, and Clerical Agent.

Job Level: Entry-level
Job Family: Insurance
Assessment Localizations Available: US English
Average Testing Time (minutes): 26 minutes
Maximum Number of Questions: 175 items (145 items on average)
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Remote Testing: Yes
Question Format: Simulation, Multiple choice, Multiple choice – adaptive

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies Measured

Data Entry Skills – This is a measure of speed and accuracy when typing presented data into fields on a computer form. Specific skills that are measured include data entry speed, data entry accuracy, and error recognition.

Achievement Orientation – This measures the potential for success in entry-level jobs. This scale measures self-esteem and developmental indicators of success in entry-level customer service jobs through questions regarding developmental influences, self-esteem, work history, and work-related values and attitudes.

Conscientiousness – This measures the tendency to be aware of and follow company policies and procedures, including: working in an organized manner, returning from meals and breaks on time, and working when coworkers are not working.

Achievement – This component measures the tendency to set and accomplish challenging goals, while persisting in the face of significant obstacles. This trait is characterized by: working hard; taking satisfaction and pride in producing high-quality work; and being competitive.

Influence – This component measures the tendency of a person’s effectiveness in directing and influencing others. This trait is characterized by: persuading and negotiating effectively with others; influencing others’ decision-making; and coordinating others’ efforts to accomplish work.

Reliability – This component measures the tendency of a person’s responsibility for his/her own actions and a commitment to performing assigned tasks. This trait is characterized by: reliability; proactive involvement in work; and a dedication to complete even the most mundane tasks.

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