Intuitive Mechanics – Weights & Pulleys

THIS ASSESSMENT IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – Measures ability to understand mechanical relationships and movement in mechanical systems.


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We regret to announce that as of February 2019 the publisher of this product has temporarily  discontinued it.  Until further notice it is no longer available for purchase.  Our hope is that it may be reinstated at some point in the future and/or be re-offered in an online format.  However, we do not know when, or if, that will occur.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this creates for current users.  We will be glad to help you select an alternate product in the meantime – if a suitable substitute exists.  Please contact us for recommendations.


The Intuitive Mechanics test measures an individual’s ability to understand mechanical relationships and internal movement in mechanical systems and measure the ability to understand mechanical relationships, to visualize internal movement in a mechanical system. People who score well on this test have the ability to visualize a diagram, drawing or figure of some kind in which there is internal movement or displacement of the parts.

The test consists of one page of instructions and practice exercises and two pages of test items. There are 32 items in the test. Each shows a diagram of a system of weights and pulleys. The applicant decides whether the system is stable or unstable and marks his selection with an x under the appropriate word on the test blank. The test is timed (3 min.) and thus is a measure of the speed and ease with which the subject can visualize stability or change in these diagrams.

Normative Data – Percentile norms by raw score are provided in the examiner’s manual.

Validation Studies – Validation studies have been conducted on the Mechanical Movements test and are available upon request.

Job Types: Industrial Positions.

Time: 3 minutes

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