KOLB Team Learning Experience (TLE)

Creates a framework for teams to clarify their purpose and improve working relationships.


The KOLB LSA is the premiere product for assessing learning style for individuals and teams.  Use it for things like teamwork, handling conflict, communication and career choice and to find out why teams do or don’t work well.   See the other KOLB tools including the KOLB Team Learning Experience too.

These tests provide the answers you need to make informed decisions and coach effectively.

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What does it do and what problem does it solve?

This assessment is an optional, add-on piece for any of the Kolb Learning Style Inventories, the leading measure for learning style.  It provides a structured facilitation of the learning opportunities and the information provided by the Kolb LSI assessments.  It helps facilitators/team leaders coach, guide and improve the function and cohesiveness of team groups.  Use the Search function (upper right) to find our other learning tests including “The Kolb Learning Style Inventory” itself.

We all learn in different ways. Within a team, this can be a strength – or a problem. By understanding our own learning style, and knowing more about how others learn, we can boost team performance by working together better.

Use the Kolb team learning experience (TLE) to:

• appreciate the learning styles, preferences and skills of team members in more depth
• gain more insight into the demands and obstacles your team may face
• arrive at a clear, unanimous understanding of purpose
• create an action plan for reaching your team goals.

Why choose the Kolb TLE?

Not all teams work. And simply adding more people doesn’t guarantee a better outcome. The Kolb team learning experience provides a framework for teams to clarify their purpose and improve working relationships so they can become more effective.

Using a series of modules, the Kolb TLE will provide your team with opportunities to experience, reflect, think, and do. Developed by the experiential learning authority David A. Kolb, Ph.D, it has been designed to help teams gain clarity about purpose, develop good working relationships, and accomplish their goals effectively. It involves valuing individual differences, learning how to focus on a common purpose, and sharing responsibility for getting work done. You can use the Kolb team learning experience as often as you want. It’s great for when a new team first gets together; or it can be used more regularly in well-established teams with a changing list of projects.

A Kolb TLE set includes one Kolb experiential learning wall chart, 5 team learning workbooks, one set of re-usable cards, and instructions. All pieces are available for re-order.

Administration: Self-scored, paper-based
Completion time: 45-60 minutes
Language: English

The Kolb learning style inventory (LSI) is a pre-requisite to the Kolb TLE. If participants have not already completed the LSI you can purchase a TLE set that includes the LSI workbooks.

Recommended Support Products

Boyatzis-Kolb Adaptive Style Inventory (ASI) – set of 10

How flexible is your learning style? No one learning style is effective in every situation, so flexibility is essential. Some people draw on several of the four learning styles that Kolb identifies in the learning style inventory. Others have narrower preferences, limiting their flexibility. The adaptive style inventory (ASI) extends individuals’ understanding of their preferred learning styles and offers tips on becoming more flexible in their learning.

Use the ASI to help your employees or students:

• find out whether they are over-relying on, or avoiding, a particular style
• learn the implications of using preferred styles in specific situations
• develop strategies for increasing their flexibility.

The ASI identifies and addresses people’s learning style flexibilities. It is particularly effective for newly created teams where members are just learning to work together, or with individuals who are new to a position or an organization. It helps them assess their relative use of the learning styles, and how they apply and adapt each style to different situations.

Participants will find this tool especially relevant and applicable because they can answer questions based on their own real-life situations.

Boyatzis-Kolb Learning Skills Profile – Online

Match the skill to the job. Understanding learning skills can help people ensure that their personal skills suit the demands of their job.

Use the Boyatzis-Kolb learning skills profile (LSP) to help your employees:

• assess the match between their personal learning skills and their job demands
• identify which skills are critical to satisfactory performance, which need development and which are under-utilized
• gather feedback from their peers or managers to augment skill-gap information
• create a learning agenda to develop the skills that they enjoy, or to work on the skills that they need to use more often.

The LSP helps participants identify their personal skills and the skill demands of their jobs. It assesses four skill groups.

• Interpersonal.
• Information.
• Analytical.
• Behavioural.

Kolb Experiential Learning Space Wall Chart

Everyone has their own way of learning. You can use the wall chart to help your participants better understand their own learning styles and the learning styles of others.

Used in conjunction with the Kolb learning style inventory (LSI) or the Kolb team learning experience (TLE), the wall chart is ideal for plotting participants preferred learning styles, and standing back to look at the group learning profile. The wall chart can help to provide some powerful ‘aha’ moments. You’ll hear comments like, “Now I know why Mary and I have a hard time working together – we go about things in such different ways.”

• Get a team exploring its learning profile.
• Teams will begin to understand implications like, “Our team doesn’t have anyone with the assimilating learning style. We may have a problem making sure that we’re addressing the right issues.”
• Introduce learning skills.
• Help participants to apply their understanding of learning styles to the skills they bring to the table.

Why choose the Kolb experiential learning space wall chart?

Understanding how people learn can help you to target your teaching efforts, motivate learners and make optimum use of your students’, participants’, and clients’ resources and capabilities. The Kolb learning style inventory (LSI), recognizes individual learning preferences, while encouraging individuals to expand their learning strengths. The wall chart helps you to visualize the team’s learning style profile, and quickly identify areas of strength and areas in need of development.

The Kolb experiential learning space wall chart is a full colour chart with dimensions of 24” by 24”. You can use colored push pins or team learning cards (refer to Kolb team learning experience) to ‘post’ participants learning styles on the chart.

Kolb Learning Style Reference Card

They make a great ‘take-away’ piece for an experiential learning workshop or program. They offer a quick guide to:

• the basic strengths of each learning style
• the strengths and challenges of different combinations of learning styles
• tips to improve your learning skills, and preferred ways of learning for each style.

Why choose the Kolb learning style reference cards?

Understanding how people learn can help you to target your teaching efforts, motivate learners and make optimum use of your students’, participants’, or clients’ time, resources and capabilities. The Kolb learning style inventory recognizes individual learning preferences, while encouraging individuals to expand their learning strengths. The LSI reference cards are a great summary piece for participants to take away and refer to on an ongoing basis.

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