LH-STEP – System for Testing & Evaluation of Potential (LH-STEP™)

Match an applicant’s capabilities to specific jobs by measuring skills & potential.


February 2019 – This product has been discontinued and/or no longer available for purchase at present.  It may  resurface and become available again and if or when that occurs we will offer it again.  Until then, please consider other stress assessments on this site as alternates.

The LH-STEP instrument helps an organization match an applicant’s individual capabilities to specific job requirements by measuring skills, abilities, and potential for success.

Deeply rooted in science beginning with its development by psychologists at the University of Chicago’s Human Resource Center, this assessment can provide useful information for objective decisions when it comes to hiring, training, and promoting. Such information can, in turn, help uncover hidden assets in the workforce, and enable employers to pinpoint strengths and areas for development for an individual or an entire department.

The versatility of the LH-STEP instrument is unmatched for assisting in:

• Selecting the most qualified persons in the organization
• Gauging promotability to supervisory and executive positions
• Identifying training needs of incumbents and individuals who have
recently been promoted
• Career and succession planning

The LH-STEP instrument can help an organization create a professional workforce across a wide spectrum of higher-level positions that are critical to organizational performance.

National norms are available for job importance levels, job skill levels, and individual characteristics for all positions in the LH-STEP target population. Applicant results are measured against nationwide norms from a higher-level population.


Comprehensive and easy-to-read reports are provided in both profile and narrative format. The LH-STEP reports can be used for several purposes:

Selection & Promotion Decision-making: measures the individual’s potential for successful performance and potential for promotability within the organization.

Organizational & Group Development: measures the individual’s or group’s training needs and can contribute to succession management.

Individual Development: identifies likely behavior patterns for improvement strategies

The following three-step process is our recommended administration for the LH-STEP.

Step 1

The success of the LH-STEP begins with a Job Analysis for the targeted position. A survey driven job analysis completed by expert incumbents, supervisors, and other key stakeholders will identify the key functions and responsibilities in order to clarify skill sets needed to succeed in the job. The analysis helps tailor the LH-STEP to your job definition by statistically comparing the job analysis profile with 12 occupational groups in our national database.

Step 2

Administration of the LH-STEP will measure over 40 individual aptitudes, abilities, and attributes in six key areas:

Personal Background: career advancement, financial responsibility, and leadership activity

Mental Abilities: language facility, deductive and analytical reasoning, and pattern recognition skills

Aptitudes: capacity for creative and innovative thinking

Temperament: self-reliance, personal insight, responsiveness, and extroversion

Resilience: level of stress and positive outlook on handling tension that may hinder productivity

Work Values: business ethics, leadership style, and job accountability

Step 3

The job skills assessment maps the present level job skills of the individual to the job skills identified during the job analysis in four areas of work behaviors:

Organization: includes goal-setting, financial planning, work procedures and practices, and interdepartmental coordination

Leadership: includes decision-making, developing teamwork, communications, and coping with difficulties

Human Resources: includes developing employee potential, supervisory practices, personnel practices, and self-development

Community: includes managing community relations and outside contacts

Validation research has been conducted for more than three decades both in specific organization settings and in national studies.

The Job Analysis report is a profile that illustrates the relative importance of the job skills. The LH-STEP report includes Potential and Job Skill summary and skill scores. Narrative information regarding the scores is also presented.

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