Making Decisions

Explore decision-making skills, logic, reasoning, values, emotions, etc.


Assess and sharpen your ability to make consistently good decisions.

Making Decisions is a self-assessment and workbook that explores how you behave when you make decisions by yourself and with others. For example do you base personal decisions on logic, reason, cause and effect or values, emotions and your concern for people? Do you stand firm on decisions you consider good or are you willing to reconsider parts of the decision if this moves things forward?

Many professionals have problems making decisions because few people have had the opportunity to assess their ability and build their skills in this area. By completing this profile, you’ll gain an objective evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses and gain the self-knowledge that is critical to making the right decisions.

The profile focuses on five behavior areas:

• The criteria you use to make a decision when you make a decision by yourself

• The standards you follow when working with others to make a decision

• The way in which you deal with differences of opinions when making decisions with others

• What you do after a decision has been made in a group

• The way you behave personally after a decision has been finalized

To complete the assessment, simply read the 25 questions and record your answers on the score sheet. Your results will be interpreted in easy-to-understand language and meaningful terms. The workbook concludes with practical “what to do next” steps that will clarify exactly how you can make decision-making a winning competency.

Fully reproducible product files delivered electronically.

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