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Mechanical Reasoning Test

Assesses basic physical and mechanical principles and their
everyday application.


Purpose: This test assesses understanding of basic physical and mechanical principles and their application to everyday situations.

When To Use It: This Test should be used where employees work around large equipment, where they are expected to understand basic operations and to engage in limited troubleshooting of equipment failures.

Target Group: We recommend using this test for a wide range of positions from entry-level production associates to higher level maintenance workers in industrial settings.

High Scorers: People scoring high on this test tend to pick up new information in a job orientation program more quickly. They profit from formal instruction and demonstrate a higher ability to apply what they have learned in on-the-job applications. They are the employees that you tend to give additional responsibility for the more complicated equipment-particularly those that have multiple systems and computer interface.

Low Scorers: People scoring low on the Mechanical Reasoning Test tend to have a great deal of difficulty learning new things about equipment operations, preventive maintenance and more complicated mechanical troubleshooting. They are less likely to be able to take on full responsibility for automated equipment and they tend to ask a lot of questions about simple problems.

Low Scorers: People scoring low on the Mechanical Reasoning Test are more likely to behavior that could lead to an accident and to persist in activities that are inefficient methods of solving equipment problems.

Number of Items: 68 questions

Time Limits: 20 minutes

Validity: This test was developed through an iterative process using the expertise of multiple degreed engineers with experience in manufacturing. In various validation studies, this test has found to significantly related r=.40** with composite job performance; r=.33** with teamwork, r=.24* with task competence, r=.31** with overall performance; r=.20* with productivity; r=.27** with openness to training and dealing with change; r=.19* with safety mindedness: r=.29** with teamwork; r=.35** with relations with supervisors; r=.28** with overall job performance; r=.26** with decrease in turnover among production workers; r=.28**; job knowledge r=.32** with reasoning skills and judgement; r=.28** with planning ability; r=.37** with ability to learn; r=.39** with reasoning ability; r=.30** with skills competence; r=.32** with openness to new learning; r=.25* with productivity; r=.18* with attendance; r=.25** average performance rating. In a test of convergent validity, the Resource Associates Mechanical Reasoning Test was correlated r=.81** with the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test.

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