Occupational Personality Questionnaire – Universal Competency Profile

Measures aspects of behavior crucial to performance potential and that cannot easily be identified by other techniques.


The OPQ32r is a behavioral assessment that measures aspects of behavior crucial to performance potential and that cannot easily be identified by other techniques. The OPQ32r provides a clear, simple framework for understanding the impact of behaviour on job performance. The OPQ32r is designed to be used at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment and selection, to development and succession. It is an excellent choice in multiple contexts from graduate recruitment to leadership development. The Universal Competency Profile is based on the Universal Competency framework. It graphically outlines how an individual’s typical way of behaving is likely to impact on competencies. It provides a graphical scale for each competency and summarizes aspects of personality which contribute (positively or negatively) to each competency. This test is appropriate for all job levels.

Job Level: All
Assessment & Report Localizations – US English, Canadian French, Latin American Spanish
Average Testing Time (minutes): 25 minutes
Time Allowed (minutes): Unlimited
Maximum Number of Questions: 104 items
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Remote Testing: Yes
Question Format: Behavioural
Product Category: Personality & Behavioural

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies Measured:

• Deciding and initiating action
• Adhering to principles and values
• Presenting and communicating information
• Analyzing
• Formulating strategies and concepts
• Following instructions and procedures
• Achieving personal work goals and objectives
• Leading and supervising
• Relating and networking
• Writing and reporting
• Learning and researching
• Planning and organizing
• Adapting and responding to change
• Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking
• Working with people
• Persuading and influencing
• Applying expertise and technology
• Creating and innovating
• Delivering results and meeting customer expectations
• Coping with pressure and setbacks

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