Office Skills Assessment Battery (OSAB)

2 tests for skills/attitudes for basic office skills: checking, filing, vocab and more.


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The Office Skills Assessment Battery (OSAB) is designed to help you select quality applicants who possess the skills and attitudes necessary for successful job performance in office positions. This test battery was developed to assist employers in making accurate and informed hiring decisions. It complies with professional standards and legal requirements. Both batteries can be administered to individuals or groups in approximately one hour. These instruments are inexpensive and highly reliable and are an excellent way to pre-screen job applicants but should be used in conjunction with other standard assessment methods such as interviews.

The first of the OSAB, the OSAB-S (Skills Inventory), measures language skills, openness to learning further skills and career development. The second test in the Office Skills Assessment Battery is the OSAB-A (Attitudes Inventory). This section assesses an applicant’s interest in, motivation toward and knowledge about office worker positions. The OSAB-A is designed to measure orientations and attitudes that are related to successful performance in an office position. The OSAB is appropriate for a variety of administrative support and clerical positions including entry level secretaries, mail clerks, data entry operators, word processors and proofreaders.

The Office Skills Assessment Battery – Skills (OSAB-S) contains scales measuring:

• Number Comparison
• Checking
• Filing
• Grammar
• Office Vocabulary
• Spelling
• Punctuation/Capitalization
• Career Development

The first four OSAB-S scales have time limits for completion of each scale. The other scales are not timed.

The Office Skills Assessment Battery – Attitudes (OSAB-A) contains scales measuring attitudes about:

• Work Conduct
• Work Accountability
• Work Performance
• Tenure
• Energy Level
• Stress Tolerance

The OSAB-A also indicates Career Interests, Background, Education, Work Experience and basic understanding of Office Practices. In addition there are two Validity scales to aid in interpretation. The OSAB-A is not timed.

The Validity/Distortion Scale identifies applicants who completed the OSAB-A in a socially desirable manner. Low scores indicate a tendency to exaggerate positive qualities and minimize negative traits. The Validity/Accuracy Scale determines if the applicant both understood the inventory and carefully completed it.


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