Performance Skills Leader (PS Leader) 360 and Self Assessment

Gives leaders an objective analysis of their leadership effectiveness in 24 competencies.


The Performance Skills Leader is a research-based, 82 item, assessment that gives leaders an objective analysis of their leadership effectiveness in 24 competencies. PS Leader is specifically designed for 360-degree feedback. The assessment helps leaders identify development priorities and determine their known and unknown strengths by comparing their own self-perceptions to those of their supervisor, direct reports, and peers. PS Leader is available for administration in your organization online or with paper & pencil questionnaires. In either case, reports are computer processed and returned to whoever is designated to receive the confidential results.

The PSL Online provides a complete 360 feedback cycle for one leader. This includes

• questionnaires for all raters
• report processing
• Participant interpretation and development planning materials and job-aids.
• Development suggestions linked to highest development needs.

The Power of 360 Degree Feedback for Leaders

The 360° assessment process can be immensely valuable when the right assessment and the right approach are matched with the organization. We are experienced in helping organizations implement PS Leader to ensure your program’s success. We can help overcome all the challenges associated with leaders receiving performance feedback from peers and direct reports.

PS Leader Introductory Package – FREE Includes:

• Sample PS Leader Individual Feedback report
• Sample Participant Interpretation and Development Planning Booklet that includes a concise overview of this assessment, and definitions of the 24 core competencies.

Why Should You Choose Our 360° Feedback Program for Your Organization?

Flexibility – This multirater assessment can be used as a self-assessment or with supervisors, peers, and direct reports in any combination for 360° Feedback.

Easy to Administer – PS Leader can be completed with paper and pencil, or online.

Report results are processed and shipped to the client within 48 hours. Online results can be processed and emailed to you virtually instantly.

Comprehensive Administrator’s Manual – guides you through your first interpretation seminar and assists with program administration.

Confidentiality Guaranteed – no matter what method you use to administer 360° Feedback, our process ensures confidentiality so that peers and direct reports can feel comfortable giving honest feedback.

Relevant Feedback – The assessment provides a method for accurately measuring competencies. Rather than answering questions about particular leadership competencies that can be difficult or impossible to make judgements about, respondents are asked to rate specific, observable behaviours associated with these competencies.

Convenient – We process your data and return reports with interpretation support materials as soon as questionnaires are completed and returned to us.

Group Reports Available – Now HR departments can plan for development needs corporate-wide! This 360° Feedback program can be used throughout the organization as part of a complete strategy for improving management performance.

PS Leader Competencies grouped in 5 Clusters:

Strategic Focus
• Change Management
• Technology Management and Application
• Vision

Business Focus
• Budgeting
• Business Knowledge
• Creativity and Innovation
• Quality Centered
• Planning and Execution
• Problem Solving and Decision Making

Workforce Focus
• Coaching
• Commitment to
• Workforce Diversity
• Human Resource Management
• Team Leadership

Interpersonal Focus
• Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
• Interpersonal Skills
• Influencing
• Oral Communication
• Writing

Personal Focus
• Action Orientation
• Flexibility
• Results Focus
• Role Modelling
• Time Management
• Self-Development

PS Leader Self Assessment – New Self-Scoring Leadership Assessment!

Now for the first time you can assess leadership and plan development in one continuous classroom style exercise.

This new self-assessment is the perfect solution when you don’t have the time or resources to conduct a multi-rater assessment project. Leaders complete the same assessment as the 360-degree feedback PS Leader.

PS Leader is an 82 item, assessment that gives leaders an objective self-assessment of their leadership proficiency in 24 competencies. PS Leader is brand new in this self-assessment format. Leaders identify highest development needs from 5 critical performance clusters: Strategic focus, Business focus, Workforce focus, Interpersonal focus and Personal focus.

The assessment helps leaders identify development priorities and job strengths by using self-ratings of proficiency in 82 discrete leadership behaviors. Scores are produced for 24 critical competencies that have been shown to be critical to effective leadership.

Compare Leaders to Extensive Norms
Leaders can compare their ratings to normative data on over 2,000 leaders. Aggregate ratings of leaders by their bosses are also provided.

Computer Scored Reports Available
PS Leader is available for use in a class style training format using either self-scoring or computer scoring. If computer scoring is your preference, confidential reports are returned to whoever is designated to be the program coordinator or leadership coach.

Why Choose Computer Scoring?

• Group Norm— When you use computer scoring HRD Press can produce a report that displays aggregate scores of all the participants in your group. Trainers can use this information to make objective decisions about group training needs or provide group results to managers for benchmarking. Free with orders of 50 or more

• Administrative Flexibility— PS Leader can be completed with paper and pencil, or online if you prefer individuals to complete the assessment as a pre-training exercise.

• Quick Turnaround— Report results are processed and shipped to the client within 48 hours. Online results can be processed and emailed to you the same day in most cases.

• Comprehensive Administrator’s Manual, Provides trainers a guide to lead participants through translating assessment results into a plan for development.

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