Phone Banker – Short Form

For entry to mid-level financial institution positions.


The Phone Banker solution is for entry to mid-level financial institution positions. Sample tasks for this job would include, but are not limited to: explaining products, services and prices to customers, obtaining and entering customer information such as name and address into a computer, and maintaining records of customer accounts. Candidates are asked to answer multiple choice questions to assess learning potential, dependability, persistence and planfulness, sales focus, customer focus, and working with information.

Job Level: Entry-Level
Job Family/Title: Banking
Localizations Available: US English
Time Recommended: 40 minutes
Number of Questions: 91 + 4 calls
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes
Question Format: Simulation, Multiple choice

Navigation: This measures a candidate’s interactions within a realistic contact center environment by providing a workspace that simulates multiple customer service-based applications running on a Windows desktop simultaneously.

Service Orientation: This measures a candidate’s tendency to focus on meeting customers’ needs in a simulated telephone call context. This includes the tone and language used to respond to customers’ questions, apologizing when appropriate, and providing solutions that directly relate to customers’ requests.

Tactful Problem Solving: This measures a candidate’s tendencies to engage in problem solving with customers in the context of simulated telephone calls. This includes acquiring necessary information from both customers and systems to understand the nature of the problem, working through ambiguity to determine the correct answer, and tactfully explaining the resolution of the situation to customers.

Data Entry Speed: This measures a candidate’s ability to listen to and record information received from customers quickly.

Data Entry Accuracy: This measures a candidate’s ability to listen to and record information received from customers accurately.

Contact Center Retention: This measures a candidate’s background, experiences, attitudes, judgments, and opinions that are associated with increased job tenure in entry-level contact center positions. This is reported as a separate score on the score report and is not included in the Overall Score.

Persistence: This is a measure of the tendency to set specific goals and work hard to achieve these goals. This trait is characterized by: suggesting the best solution for customer needs; being able to direct conversations towards a commitment/order/sale; and continuing to try if not successful the first time.


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