Prevue™ Online – Selection & Benchmarking Assessment

Job-specific “ideal profile” creation system to understand/evaluate candidate capabilities.

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Assessment for Selection & Benchmarking

Prevue™ is a best-selling online selection assessment anchored by a valid, automated method for creating job specific “ideal profiles,” which candidates scores are then compared to, to produce a rating. The hiring manager can then use this metric to pick the best candidate, or review report narrative to more fully understand and evaluate each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

By SELECTING & DEPLOYING More Effectively, Organizations RETAIN the Best People

Prevue uses selection science to define the criteria you use to compare job candidates. You select and deploy candidates that will be more effective and happier in their jobs. The result is engineered high retention of the best people doing the job their capabilities, interests and personalities match best.

The online system has thousands of satisfied customers – upgraded in 2006 with powerful new capabilities for coaching and development.

SELECT Using Prevue™

Benchmark abilities, motivation and personality traits that predict success on any job.

Prevue measures the percentage that a candidate fits with a validated success profile. These benchmarks are accurate, valid, and reliable; and Prevue complies with EEOC fair hiring guidelines.

Generate a Selection Report with structured behavioural interview questions. Accurately predict the candidate’s on-the-job behaviour before you hire; and the Corporate Coach Report becomes an operating manual for managing and developing new employees.

• Administer manually or on-line
• Quality is assured by four internal validity measures
• Customize interview questions and coaching recommendations

DEPLOY Using Prevue™

• Build teams
• Train to cognitive/learning styles of workforce
• Optimally match employees and managers with The Working Characteristics Report
• Delegate with confidence
• Plan career paths with the Succession Planning Report

RETAIN Using Prevue™

• Dramatically reduce turnover due to benefits of job fit
• Increase job satisfaction through skilled and empowered people
• Reduce interpersonal conflict and work-related stress
• Provide feedback and development recommendations with the Coaching Report

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