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Reading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory Revised Individual

Vocational interest inventory for mentally challenged/disabled/vocational candidates.

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Purpose: Measure vocational interests of special populations ages 13 years and older

The revised R-FVII:2 uses pictures of individuals engaged in different occupations to measure the vocational likes and dislikes of students and adults who are mentally challenged, learning disabled, disadvantaged, or enrolled in alternative or vocational/career training programs (ages 13 years and older). It does not require reading comprehension or written language skills.

• Easy to administer and score; explores a wide range of jobs at the unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled levels.

• Consists of a series of 55 sets of three drawings each depicting different job tasks; the individual marks the most preferred activity in each set of drawings.

• Complies with Title IX prohibiting sex discrimination in education-uses a single Inventory Booklet for both males and females; both genders respond to the same illustrated job tasks in each of the occupational categories.

• Each Inventory Booklet has two detachable pages that provide a complete record of interest and cluster scores that can be used as a permanent record of an individual’s vocational likes and dislikes.

• Appropriate for use by teachers, psychologists, counselors, or other vocational and educational personnel in junior high, senior high, vocational/technical schools, sheltered work centers, and other job training and work placement career centers.

This revised edition is the product of a comprehensive review of 25 years with physically and mentally handicapped individuals around the world.

• Drawings have been refined and modified and include a more identifiable target figure.

• Contains norms for regular classroom students not represented in the original version.

• Clusters have been developed that combine interest areas to provide another way of looking at measured intent.

• Includes more extensive normative tables.
• Includes contemporary occupational tasks.

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