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Measures integrity/productivity/drug use/background/sales/sociability and much more.


Special Announcement

We regret to announce that as of February 2019 the publisher of this product has temporarily  discontinued only the paper-booklet version of this assessment.

IT IS STILL AVAILABLE IN SINGLE ONLINE COPIES.  Until further notice booklets are no longer available for purchase.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this creates for current booklet users.



To date, more than 100 jurisdictions nationwide (USA) have enacted Ban-the-Box laws. Ban-the-Box laws restrict employers from asking candidates about prior criminal convictions until later in the hiring process (e.g., after a first interview or a conditional offer of employment). Though organizations may independently be moving to adapt their hiring processes to fully comply with these laws, we will be formally transitioning customers using the Reid 29th Edition to one of our newest assessment versions that do not include admission questions about prior criminal convictions.

In response, many employers have changed various aspects of their hiring processes nationwide to conform to the legislation, whether a particular region of their operation has yet been affected or not. We have worked closely with clients who initially opted to make region-specific assessment changes. Now, consistent with this macro trend, we are working with each client to support proactive compliance for all U.S. locations regardless of the existence of local Ban-the-Box legislation. In addition to helping our clients be proactive, this approach offers clear benefits of uniformity in selection processes across your locations.

Therefore we will discontinue support for those versions of The Reid Report® 29th Edition and The Reid Report Risk Assessment that include a question about prior convictions as of January 31, 2017.

They will be replaced by The Reid Report 30th Edition or The Reid Report Risk Assessment-2, which offers a seamless transition and effective screening program for the following reasons:

• Increased compliance with Ban-the-Box laws
• Enhanced consistency of hiring processes;
• Established validity with equally effective results.

For over 65 years, The Reid Report has been used by many organizations in the U.S. and Canada to improve their workforce quality and drive business performance. Recognized as a powerful employment assessment, The Reid Report helps evaluate critical attitudes and behaviors needed for sound job performance. The Reid Report Assessment helps identify job applicants with high levels of integrity who are likely to become productive employees. The Reid Report helps evaluate critical attitudes and behaviors needed for sound job performance. The Reid Report evaluates attitudes and behaviors associated with high levels of integrity and responsible work habits. Upon studying a collection of programs involving 12 clients using The Reid Report, an average return on investment (ROI) was 13 to 1.

The Reid Report can help:

• Reduction of employee theft
• Increase in sales
• Decrease in turnover
• Improvement in customer service

Dimensions of Measurement

Integrity Attitudes: levels of personal rationalization towards dishonest acts and tolerance of others who engage in dishonest acts
Social Behavior: admission items of recent criminal behaviors, including theft and workplace violence
Substance Use: admissions of recent illegal substance use
Work Background: collection of employment background and past workplace tendencies

Supplemental Dimensions of Measurement

Service Relations: sociability, helpfulness, optimism, and self-restraint
Sales Productivity: sociability, optimism, persistence, and influence

Administration & Scoring

• Web-based administration and scoring;
• 50-100 items (version dependent); approximately 15 minutes completion time and an additional 15 minutes for Supplemental Dimensions
• Foreign languages available
• Tailored versions for specific states and regions

The quality of your employees is crucial to the overall performance of your organization and can greatly affect your bottom line. Incorporating The Reid Report into your selection process can assist your organization in maintaining a high performance workforce across a variety of positions, including:

• Retail associates
• Transportation/Distribution personnel
• Customer service professionals
• Sales professionals
• Hospitality staff


Helps evaluate a job applicant’s ability to handle the unique demands of selling in a high-transaction environment. Appropriate for entry-level positions.

The Sales Productivity Profile helps measure:

Sociability. The ability to be friendly and amiable to prospects.
Optimism. The ability to maintain a positive perspective and demeanor in the face of the rejection associated with sales positions.
Persistence. The ability to be tenacious and bring ongoing effort to a sales opportunity.
Influence. The ability to persuade and convince prospects of a product’s worth and the benefits of its purchase.


Helps evaluate attitudes and behaviors closely associated with high levels of service to customers and co-workers. Appropriate for entry-level positions.

The Service Relations Profile helps measure:

Valuing of interpersonal relationships. Enjoyment working with others, including customers and co-workers.
Self-Restraint. The ability to exercise discretion and maintain self-control when dealing with difficult situations.
Enjoyment of helping others. The satisfaction of assisting customers and/or co-workers, which creates a desire to continue to assist others
Optimism. The tendency to expect positive outcomes or to focus on the most positive aspects of a situation.

Normative data is based on relevant groups.

Validation studies have been conducted and are available upon request.

The Reid Report includes an Integrity scale score. Scores are also provided for the Sales Productivity and Service Relations scales if they are used. In addition, Significant Admissions and other information are contained in a narrative list to help pinpoint areas for further investigation. Interview questions corresponding to an applicant’s specific responses are also provided.

For 60 years, The Reid Report assessment has been used by some of the largest companies in North America.

Number of Items:
50-100 items (Supplement Dimensions)

Approximately 15 Minutes for The Reid Report and an Additional 15 Minutes for Supplemental Dimensions


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