Retail Management Assessment Inventory

Use the RMAI to ensure that your retail management applicants have management, customer service, arithmetic, ethics and otherskills you need to ensure their success.


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Use the RMAI to ensure that your retail management applicants have management, customer service, arithmetic, ethics and other skills you need to ensure their success.  Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for things like:

  • Management Responsibility
  • Management Understanding
  • Customer Service
  • Arithmetic
  • Energy
  • Job Stability
  • Ethics

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Retail Management Assessment Inventory (RMAI) helps you:

• Eliminate hiring guesswork
• Match job candidates to your particular requirements
• Measure multiple areas, including skills and attitudes
• Evaluate candidates’ need for training

When customers are in your store, the employee they deal with is the store. Consequently, it is crucial that your store managers and assistant managers have the capability for hiring, managing, promoting and training quality employees as well as possessing “bottom line” management skills.

The RMAI provides a standardized measure of potential for success in retail management, fulfilling your need for assessing the candidate’s interest in, motivation toward and knowledge of management within a retail setting. The RMAI also identifies the candidate’s training needs and development requirements.

The RMAI is custom-designed for selecting the best retail store manager and assistant managers candidates for all retail establishments including: fast food, supermarkets, specialty store, department stores and home improvement centres and can also be used to assess candidates for franchise ownership.

The RMAI measures the following 10 scales in four critical areas:

Background & Work Experience – measures management-related education as well as training and experience.

Management & Leadership Interest – assesses the candidates’ interest in management and supervisory positions, as well as attitudes and behaviours that facilitate strong leadership performance. In addition, this scale evaluates potential for organizational achievement.

Management Responsibility – measures the extent to which people feel responsible for and in control of their work performance and their chances for advancement.

Understanding Management Procedures & Practices – measures the candidate’s understanding of basic management practices and basic common sense relating to customers.

Customer Service – evaluates awareness of customer needs and the impact of employee behaviours on buying decisions.

Managerial Arithmetic – assesses basic math ability as it relates to inventory, payroll and profit analysis.

Energy Level – evaluates the candidates’ energy level, work pace and endurance to identify high achievers.

Management Orientation – provides candidates’ self-report of personal traits associated with managerial success. (Derived from the Self-Insight and Understanding section).

Job Stability – assesses work values that discourage a temporary outlook on employment. This scale identifies people who give more importance to long-term rewards rather than to short term objectives.

Business Ethics – assesses attitudes towards upholding ethical business standards and practices.

The instrument takes about 50 minutes to complete and completed reports can be returned to you within 24 hours (generally less).

The RMAI is the result of extensive research by industrial psychologists and business consultants. The accuracy of each RMAI scale as a predictor of successful performance has been supported through a series of validity studies. As well, the RMAI has been constructed in accordance with the American Psychological Association’s Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. It shows no adverse impact for minorities or other protected groups. This helps eliminate discrimination charges, as well as costly lawsuits due to unfair hiring practices.

As with any screening tool, this test should be used in accordance with other standard hiring practices such as interviews and reference checks.

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