Sales Professional Assessment Inventory (SPAI)

Use the SPAI to ensure that your sales applicants have sales motivation and interest, arithmetic, customer service, and ethics you’re looking for.

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Use the SPAI to ensure that your sales applicants have sales motivation and interest, arithmetic, customer service, and ethics you’re looking for.  Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for things like:

  • Sales Interest
  • Sales Motivation
  • Business Ethics
  • Customer Service
  • Job Stability
  • Work Experience
  • Energy Level

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Sales Professional Assessment Inventory (SPAI) measures the potential for success in sales and in selecting inside or outside salespersons. It is used for personnel selection and placement and to identify training needs. As will all selection tools, it should be used in conjunction with other selection methods such as interviews and reference checks.

The Sales Professional Assessment Inventory measures:

Sales Motivation

  • Sales Work Experience – Measures sales related education, training and experience.
  • Sales Interest – Measures appeal of various types of sales activities.
  • Sales Responsibility – Assesses the extent to which people feel responsible for, and in control of, their work performance and chances for advancement.
  • Sales Orientation – Measures the candidates self report of personal traits associated with sales success.
  • Energy Level – A measure of energy level, work pace and endurance.

Self Development – Assesses candidate responsiveness to sales training programs. Identifies people who are open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Sales Readiness

  • Sales Skills – Assesses basic sales skills and experience and candidates confidence of their selling skills and abilities.
  • Sales Understanding – Assesses the ability to identify important issues in a sales context, and to see how small details in the handling of routine situations can influence the outcome of a sale.
  • Sales Arithmetic – Assess basic math ability as it relates to order totals, sales volume and product sales analysis.
  • Customer Service – Measures awareness of customer needs and impact of salesperson behaviours on buying decisions. Also assesses tendencies to be courteous, helpful and attentive to customers.


  • Business Ethics – Assesses tendencies to upholding ethical business standards and practices. Measures attitudes about incidence and consequences of unethical conduct.
  • Job Stability – Assesses positive relations to working that discourage a temporary outlet on employment. Identifies people who give greater emphasis to long-term rewards than to short-term goals and immediate payoffs in seeking a job.
  • Sales Potential Index – Reflects a persons overall orientation to a sales position.


Validity/Candidness – The Validity Scale measuring candidness identifies applicants who completed the inventory in a socially desirable manner. Low scores indicate a tendency to exaggerate positive qualities and minimize negative traits.

Validity/Accuracy – The Validity Scale measuring Accuracy determines if the applicant both understood the inventory and carefully completed it.

Description of SPAI Scales

The Sales Interest subscale measures the extent to which the respondent has a desire to become a salesperson. People who want to be in a sales position are usually more motivated to achieve this goal successfully.

The Sales Responsibility Scale is based on the “locus of Control” model. People who are internally controlled exhibit more task-oriented behaviour, cope better with stress, make more reliable decisions and tend to be more productive.

The remaining scales measure psychological attitudes and orientations that have reliably predicted sales performance in past research. In general, higher levels of sales potential are exhibited by individuals who are confident of their sales skills and abilities, have a strong drive for success, are energetic and enthusiastic, and who interact well with customers.

Applicant Employability Index

The Applicant Employability Index is a composite score that provides a quick reference as to the applicant’s overall suitability for hire.




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