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THIS ASSESSMENT IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE – A measure of space visualization for assessing mechanical aptitude.


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At least two of the primary mental abilities are concerned with visual orientation in space. Thurstone identified these-as the first and second space factors. Space Thinking (Flags) is a measure of the first space factor which is defined as the ability to visualize a rigid configuration when it is moved into different positions. A rigid configuration is a diagram, drawing, or figure of some kind in which there is no internal movement or change when it is moved into a different position. This factor has been found in several factor analytic studies. It is one of the five clearly defined factors in Thurstone’s mechanical aptitude research.


The test consists of three pages of directions, samples, and practice exercises, and four pages of test items. There are 21 items calling for six responses each. Thus the maximum raw score is 126. Each of the 21 items presents a flag at the left. At the right are six other flags which represent either the same or the opposite side of the flag given at the left. These six flags are all in different positions. The subject must decide which side, the same or the opposite, is represented by each of these six flags. He responds by crossing out either “S” or “O” underneath each flag to indicate same or opposite side of the flag at the left. Anyone can do this task, but the test is timed and thus is a measure of the ease and speed with which the subject can visualize the same object when it is moved into different positions. Flags is a paper-and-pencil test which can be administered individually or to groups. It gives a single score: the number right minus the number wrong.

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