Station Employee Applicant Inventory™

Assesses honesty/drug avoidance/cooperation/safety/contentiousness/tenure and more.


The SEAI assessment can help build a staff who understands the importance of customer service and enjoys creating a positive atmosphere. This assessment helps evaluate a potential employee’s willingness to:

• Contribute to team efforts
• Practice safe work habits
• Handle cash and merchandise with complete trustworthiness
• Stay on the job
• Follow company policies


Honesty – Likelihood that the individual will not steal cash and merchandise from work.

Drug Avoidance – Likelihood that an applicant will not use or sell illegal drugs on the job.

Interpersonal Cooperation – Tendency to be courteous and cooperative with co-workers and customers.

Arithmetic Ability – Basic math ability as it relates to totaling orders, counting change, and figuring discounts.

Job-Specific Skills and Abilities

Conscientiousness, reliability, and general clerical skills.

Safety Attitude toward safety and how it may cause on-the-job accidents.

Tenure Likelihood that an applicant will not leave the company prematurely.

Validity/Candidness – Extent to which an applicant may have tried to provide socially desirable responses instead of actual attitudes and opinions.

Employability Index – Overall suitability for hire.

NORMATIVE DATA – Norms are based on job applicants in the convenience store and gas station industries.

VALIDATION STUDIES – Validation studies have been conducted on the SEAI assessment and are available upon request.

REPORTS – The SEAI report includes individual scale scores and Significant Behavioral Indicators a narrative list to help pinpoint areas for further investigation.

Summary – The Station Employee Applicant Inventory helps identify applicants who will create a positive image

Job Types: Gas station and convenience store employees.

Time: No limit (approximately 60 minutes).

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