Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness

Use the Thurstone Mental Alertness to identify people with high mental agility skills to determine people’s capacity to learn and understand the requirements of the job.


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Use the Thurstone Mental Alertness to identify people with high mental agility skills to determine people’s capacity to learn and understand the requirements of the job.  Use it for a variety of applications and before you invest time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants to assess their ability to:

  • Learn New Skills Quickly
  • Adjust To New Situations
  • Understand Subtle/Complex Relationships
  • Be Flexible In Thinking

This test provides the answers you need to make an informed decision.

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What does it do and what problem does it solve?

This assessment is a mental ability test that helps measure an individual’s ability to learn new skills quickly, adjust to new situations, understand complex or subtle relationships, and be flexible in thinking. The TMA test helps assess an individual’s capacity to learn and understand the requirements of the job.  Use it to identify skilled individuals with high mental agility skills for a variety of roles and and positions but it is best when used in combination with other skills-tests..  Use the Search function to find similar tests including Thurstone Temperament Schedule and General Reasoning Test.

The test consists of two scales:

Quantitative. Items consist of arithmetic reasoning and number-series problems.

Linguistic. Items consist of same-opposite word meanings and definitions.

The Thurstone Form A is now available online only.

Norms are also available for other positions. Educational norms are listed for 9th-,10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students by linguistic, quantitative and total score. The TMA test was the subject of validation studies in various educational settings and was found to be related to scholastic success for 9th-, 10th-, 11th and 12th-grade students. There are two forms, A and B, for the TMA test. They are comparable and can be used to retest applicants.

NOTE: The TMA will not assess specific job skills such as customer service, mathematical ability, sales skills, management readiness, and etc.  We have hundreds of other things that will.  Please contact us for assistance in finding the right options for your needs.

Percentile norms are listed by the two sub scores (quantitative and linguistic) and the total score for the following job classifications:

• Manager
• Bank and insurance manager
• Human resource manager
• Sales manager
• Supervisor
• Computer programmer
• Sales representative
• General clerical
• College student
• Unskilled/skilled
• Cosmetology student
• Accounting
• Customer service
• Chief financial officer
• Marketing
• Company president

Validation studies have been conducted and scores were correlated with job performance in various companies for the following jobs:

• Assistant manager
• Bank teller
• Clerical worker
• Computer operator
• Computer programmer
• Manager (retail store)
• Salesperson (retail store)
• Sales representative
• Sales supervisor
• Supervisor (insurance)




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