Work Orientation Survey for Firefighters

The Work Orientation Survey is a companion instrument that can be used in conjunction with the Firefighter Selection Test. It measures the degree to which an applicant can be expected to be reliable, dependable, and conscientious.

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The Work Orientation Survey Measures These Key Dimensions:

• Conscientiousness
• Trustworthiness
• Managing Work Pressures
• Getting Along With Others
• Drug/Alcohol Avoidance
• Safety Orientation

Variety of Applications
The use of the Work Orientation Survey in combination with a cognitive ability test has shown itself to be an excellent tool in reducing adverse impact on protected groups without lowering validity. The WOS complements traditional testing procedures by evaluating important elements of job performance not captured by other measures. It may be used effectively with other procedures in a compensatory model to improve selection while mitigating adverse impact.

Fast, Simple Administration
The WOS is multiple-choice and easy to complete. The 87 survey questions are designed to be non-threatening and job-related. The WOS takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. Easy to Score and Interpret The WOS is designed for easy scoring. Simply return the test answer sheet to PSI for analysis. PSI will scan, score, and produce both an electronic and paper score report.

All test items are extremely face-valid and are posed in an employment setting. Test questions were developed on the basis of job analysis and an evaluation of critical incidents of job success and job failure. Care was taken to ensure that the questions would appear reasonable and job-related to applicants. The job relevant content of PSI’s instrument contrasts favorably with other inventories that contain numerous test items with little or no job-relevancy. Unbiased Criterion-related validation studies performed in another setting support the validity of the WOS in predicting job performance. The WOS shows significant validity for predicting job success. Analysis conducted on the pilot and validation samples showed little or no score differences among groups protected by the EEOC. The test can be used in a manner which will result in little or no adverse impact. In addition, statistical analysis of prediction bias conducted on a similar form of the test indicates that it is fair for all ethnic, racial, and gender groups.

Note that the WOS is a paper-only tool. Answer Sheets come in packages of 25’s, booklets in packages of 10’s (provided at no charge) and an Administration Manual is included at no charge with initial orders. The WOS is machine scored by us and completed Answer Sheets must be mailed back for scoring. Reports are provided via email within 5-7 business days on average.

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