Verbal Reasoning

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 30 min
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The Verbal Reasoning test measures a person's capacity to think logically through the medium of short word problems.

Industrial Validity

Since its publication, the SRA Verbal has been found to be a useful instrument for predicting job performance in a number of occupational settings. The results of validation studies on the SRA Verbal are presented in this section. When deciding whether or not to use the SRA Verbal as an aid in screening job applicants, several considerations should be kept in mind. Foremost among these is the fact that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Civil Service Commission, and Department of Labor and Justice have established guidelines for the use of tests in employee selection (the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, Federal Register, 1978, Friday, August 25, IV). Of particular relevance to individuals faced with the decision to use the SRA Verbal is the requirement set forth in the Guidelines to the effect that the user must establish that a relationship exists between test scores and performance on the job in question. Furthermore, in establishing the relationship between test scores and job performance, subjects should come from the work force within which the test is to be used if technically feasible. Put simply, a potential user of a test has the responsibility to demonstrate that the test predicts job performance in the job setting where it is being considered for use. Finally, the user has the responsibility for determining what the impact of a test would be on the hiring of minority applicants.

Establishing the relationship between test scores and job performance is the function of validation studies. Potential users should consult the EEOC guidelines or contact Science Research Associates for complete information regarding when validation studies are necessary and the technical criteria that must be met in conducting such studies.

SRA's Manpower Project (1972) was one of the first extensive attempts to demonstrate the validity of SRA Verbal scores for predicting job performance. In this project, the concurrent validity of the SRA Verbal was investigated for a number of jobs from various industries across the country. For each job, a test battery was administered; but for this manual, only the correlations between the SRA Verbal Total Score and the criterion scores are given. In each case, the criterion was an overall performance rating. This study found 13 jobs in which correlations with criterion were significant at the .05 level or better. Table 8 summarizes these findings.

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