Maintenance Electrician Test

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Comprehensiveness Intermediate
Administration Time - 1 hr
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Language English
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The Maintenance Electrician tests are for use in selecting manufacturing or processing maintenance candidates who have knowledge in the following areas: Motors; Digital Electronics; Analog Electronics; Schematics & Print Reading; Control Circuits; Power Supplies; AC/DC Theory; Power Distribution; Test Instruments; Mechanical Maintenance; Computer & PLC; Hand & Power Tools; Electrical Maintenance; and Construction & Installation.

Maintenance Electrician A contains 60 items. In a sample of 50 applicants, reliability was .89 with a mean score of 33.44, a standard deviation of 9.52, and a standard error of measurement of 3.43.

Maintenance Electrician B contains 60 items. In a sample of 60 applicants, reliability was .86 with a mean score of 37.5, a standard deviation of 6.47, and a standard error of measurement of 2.42.

NOTE: Maintenance Electrician B is more difficult than our ElecTest and Maintenance Electrician A is more difficult than Maintenance Electrician B.

Sample Question
When an alternating voltage is applied to a purely resistive circuit, the
A. voltage lags the current.
B. voltage leads the current.
C.current leads the voltage.
D.current is in phase with the voltage.

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