Occupational: Administrative Personnel

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Appropriate For New Applicants
Existing Employees
Comprehensiveness Basic
Administration Time - 1 hr
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Language English
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Predict Job Success in Administrative Roles

Primary Use - Selection
Assessment Type - Personality (Broad Band); Cognitive: Verbal Ability; Processing Speed
Job Level - Individual Contributor
Job Type - Business
Number of Items 261
Completion Time 45-60 minutes (timed and untimed sections)

The Occupational Solution: Administrative Personnel assessment measures a candidate’s potential fit for an Administrative Personnel role by assessing three areas critical for effective performance: verbal ability, speed and accuracy, and work style. The vocabulary section has a 3½-minute time limit, the reading comprehension section a 5-minute time limit, the grammar section an 8-minute time limit, the speed and accuracy section a 5-minute time limit, and the untimed work styles section requires about 20 minutes to complete; there are a total of 261 items between the four sections.

In a single assessment that takes just 45-60 minutes to complete, Occupational: Administrative Personnel offers a customized assessment of speed, accuracy, and verbal abilities and personal work style competencies to help hiring managers quickly assess whether an applicant is likely to perform well in an administrative role. Based on Department of Labour research and industry expert feedback, Occupational: Administrative Personnel leverages a holistic assessment approach to give broad and accurate insight into the whole person. The result is more accurate hiring decisions and a highly targeted screening solution.

The Occupational: Administrative Personnel assessment Ability section was customized by incorporating portions of the well-established Short Employment Tests (SET), General Clerical Test (GCT), and the Differential Aptitude Tests for Personnel and Career Assessment (DAT for PCA). Portions of the Workplace Personality Inventory (WPI) have been used to create the Work Styles section.

What the Occupational Solution: Administrative Personnel Measures

• Verbal
• Speed and Accuracy
• Initiative
• Cooperation
• Concern for Others
• Social Orientation
• Self-Control
• Adaptability/Flexibility
• Stress Tolerance
• Independence
• Dependability
• Attention to Detail
• Integrity/Rule-Following
• Work Style Compatibility
• Ability Summary
• Overall Job Fit

Occupational Solution: Administrative Personnel Report

The report provides a percentile ranking for each scale including Work Style Compatibility, Ability Summary, and Overall Job Fit. It is supplemented with brief individualized interpretive comments.

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