Testimonials from Our Clients

David has been extremely patient, knowledgeable, caring, and understanding.  He has always helped me select the appropriate and most effective assessment for the task.  The reports are easy to understand, well organized and applicable – especially the sample interviewing questions.

Janet Walsh – Director of Human Resources
Reading Municipal Light Department

We have been using David Towler with Creative Organizational Design since 2019, for our pre-employment assessments.  As a retail jeweler it is extremely important that our prospective employees are well vetted and meet our high ethical standards.  We were having a difficult time finding a company that could help us to ascertain these behaviors in prospective employees.  Not only did Mr. Towler help me to identify the employment assessment that would best identify the skills and traits I was looking for, but he has always been extremely responsive.  Mr. Towler consistently exceeds my expectations, and I would recommend him for all your pre-employment assessments.

Deborah Sather Stringari, Co-owner Sather’s Leading Jewelers, Inc.


“I can honestly say that I have appreciated the counsel of David Towler for several years.  He brings a wide range of expertise and resources to not only the human resources component of business, but I have frequently turned to him for strategic direction as well.“

Kevin Connot – Owner

Our office has used Creative Organizational Design for some of our new member assessments.  David has always been very quick to respond to our requests and needs, and has offered additional assessment options as needed.  In my experience, COD & David have been a delight to work with.

Janet Bowman – Mobilization Coordinator


Working with the many assessments available from Creative Organizational Design, my experience has been very favourable.

In this challenging market, optimization of time, resources and money are critical when making a hiring decision.  Each and every hire is an important one.  David provides excellent advice from the many assessments available. The feedback from the assessment leads to the hiring manager gaining insights which are unbiased and improves the quality of the hiring decision.

Recruitment is costly and these assessments have assisted us with making a better hiring decisions, reducing turnover and increasing efficiency.

Debbie Ormsby – Chief Operating Officer


Weekes Engineering

Since we started using an array of testing offered by COD, we are now able to see the blind spots with candidates, so we are able to focus on people of value to our business in the hiring process.  We can now more effectively determine in the interview process those who are not a fit, and in the process avoid a bad hire.  We were also able to define with the testing what metrics are important to our business and work to hire candidates with the right traits.  It is a win-win, for the staff we hire and for the business.  No more shooting in the dark using ‘soft skills’ in the hiring process that do not work. Every firm should be using the COD testing system.

Greg Weekes, P.Eng, Owner
Weekes Engineering
Sather's Leading Jewelers

“We have used Creative Organizational Design for several years now, to help us hire the right professionals.  We are in an industry where sales associates with only the highest integrity and ethical values need apply.  The assessments they recommended have helped us to not only interview the best candidates, but also hire the most suitable employee for the position.  We trust them to guide us and will continue to use them, with confidence, for all our future hiring needs.”

Deborah Sather Stringari – President


As a Senior Corporate Officer at a private career college in Nova Scotia, I have found the products and services of Creative Organizational Design to be first-class. The customer service is excellent, and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to diversify their assessment protocols.

Mr. Reinhard Krupp
CBBC Career College
Farm Bureau Insurance

David is a pleasure to work with. I’ve used his hiring tools for the past 2 years and I’ve found his Assessments to be deadly accurate!!!   So, if your applicant doesn’t score in the top 80%  you will be hiring a ‘C’ team member.  I just reconfirmed this by hiring a Team Member who I interviewed well and I liked her, so despite scoring in the 60% range I invited her to join my team. She worked for one month then quit. That month cost me $3,000 in per payroll, plus lost time of mine and my teams in training her.  Trust the test results and trust me, you will be amazed at the results.

Bob Haddad
Haddad's Agency - Farm Bureau insurance
Synapse Integrated Wellness

I have been impressed with the quality, customer service and follow through I have received from Creative Organizational Design. I was appreciative for their flexibility in communication and willingness to adapt to my request, for their desire to understand my needs in order to suggest the best products to use and in the overall quality of customer service and follow through that I have received all the way through. Their tests have contributed a great deal of added value to the services that I offer and their support has been unparalleled. Thank you very much!

Dr. Elena Estanol
Synapse Integrated Wellness
Sapa Extrusion North America Logo

We have been extremely satisfied with the testing content and customer service provided by COD. We presently use COD testing as a tool when hiring maintenance personnel. I recommend COD to Human Resource professionals in the U.S.

Natalie Calk - Human Resources Manager
Sapa Extrusion North America

The assessment of employees or applicants has become very complex and confusing. David Towler reduces that confusion and helps his clients comfortably and quickly get the solution they need.

David’s knowledge of assessment inventories is broad and helps his clients get the solution they need.

Dr. Mick Sheppeck - Associate Professor
University of St. Thomas
Wakulla County Clerk of Court

“We began doing business with Creative Organizational Design over 3 years ago, in that time we have used several of their testing products. The information gleaned from the tests definitely made a positive impact on our hiring process. Additionally the managerial assessment tests have proven to be a great tool for identifying areas of growth for those employees on leadership tracks; the icing on the cake- they are very affordable! “

Tempie H. Sailors, Chief of Staff
Wakulla County Clerk of Court
Career Works

I value having COD as a strategic partner to my coaching practice.

The assessments to which I have access are endless so it’s always easy to find the right application for an individual client or team.

Linda Schnabel - President
Community Partners

I must say that you have the most professional, thorough, and polite approach to follow-up of anyone with whom I have ever dealt. I actually enjoyed receiving your voice mails and learned from them!

Mike Strout - Director of Human Resources
Community Partners

As Human Resources Manager for a Canadian Wholesaler I have had the opportunity to work with Creative Organizational Design for many years. I have found their products to be insightful and well–targeted; whether it was pre-employment screening, skills assessments and development needs or sales and business acumen.

David Towler provides prompt, courteous service and is always there to assist with information or assessments. It is a pleasure to deal with professional people and a professional organization. I would recommend COD for anyone needing insights into people assessment or development.

Joe Thompson, Human Resource Manager
Canadian Wholesaler
Discount Two Way Radio

Your customer service is beyond reproach. Thanks for all the time you have spent with us explaining all of the intricacies and nuances of the multitude of tests that you offer. You have really helped us focus in on what will help our company specifically, by walking us through all the different measurements on each of the tests and making sure we understand them clearly. The most valuable thing a person can give is their time and I really appreciate you going out of your way to make sure we understand all the material we purchase from you. Creative Organizational Design has proved to be an invaluable tool for us in helping us eliminate hiring mistakes. The job candidates may be able to fool our managers, but they can’t fool these tests. Because of you, we have already have saved an extraordinary amount of time, money, and headaches.

Ben Burns - President
Discount Two-Way Radio
Eagle Picher

Exceptional customer service makes this organization stand out as a leader in the industry. The level of personal service and responsiveness is outstanding, from product recommendations to customized assistance.
You don’t follow up, they do!

Kathie MacFarlane
Eagle Pitcher Technologies Inc.
Living Water for Girls

I wanted to take the time to tell you what a great experience it has been working with you and Creative Organizational Design. Your excellent customer service, prompt response and follow-up, is second to none. I totally appreciate the service that you provide.

Amanda Terry - Administrative Director
Living Water For Girls
Ninth Wave Co. United Kingdom

COD was very prompt in responding to our enquiries and was pro-active in making sure that everything was OK for us. We had a very tight deadline and COD went out of their way to make sure that we had everything we needed to set up our tests in time. In addition, the results of the tests were received within 5 minutes of them being submitted. We would not hesitate to use COD again.

Richard Meakin
Ninth Wave Co. United Kingdom
City of Courtenay

COD is one of the best Employee Assessment and Survey Services that we have used in recent years. We have been extremely impressed with the complexity of the tests as well as the diversity of the tests available. The tests are extremely comprehensive yet practical in nature. We have used COD’s tools to assist us in our senior management recruitment and selection process and succession planning initiatives. The results have proven to be of tremendous value in helping us build meaningful and comprehensive developmental plans for future organization leaders. We now have the confidence to make difficult decisions about how and where we direct the limited resources for employee development and training. We also appreciate all of the hands-on support that we received from David Towler. The employees who have participated told us the results were easy to understand and found that the information provided them with new insights into their own capabilities and developmental needs. We plan to continue utilizing the tools that COD has available and have no hesitation recommending COD to other organizations.

Lis Pedersen, Manager of Human Resources, DipSS,BSW,CHRP
City of Courtenay, BC

I had an urgent need for a managerial test which I had to use for my client’s requirements but I had problems with my previous test provider. My follow-up inquiries were not addressed and I became anxious because it’s been taking a long time for my test kit to be delivered. I had a hard time trying to figure out how I could have my tests delivered on time for my deadline. Then I discovered Creative Organizational Design. I’m very pleased with their service because my inquiries were answered immediately and I was also assisted with my concerns regarding other tests that could fit my clients’ needs. The best part of it all was that when I ordered the managerial test kit from them, it was processed immediately and it arrived just in time for my testing engagement. I’m really glad I discovered Creative Organizational Design!

Elaine De Guzman - Director
Centro Benessere Psychological and Educational Services

For small non-profit organizations, finding affordable assessment and screening tools for applicants can be challenging. We choose Creative Organizational Design for screening the top candidates for a pivotal position. This was our first experience with COD. Their representative provided excellent care and service and remained committed to ensuring complete satisfaction as if we were purchasing hundreds of tests rather than a few. I highly recommended COD to other non-profit orgs. We will continue to use this very accurate tool in the future! Becky Shoaf, Administrator, Kindred Spirit, Atlanta, GA USA

Becky Shoaf
Kindred Spirit Inc.
Lake Superior University

Creative Organizational Design has provided us with the testing products we’ve needed to update/upgrade our employment testing program administered for Human Resources. Individuals applying for positions in the food service, clerical or maintenance areas are required to undergo a full day of testing. The products that they have suggested have been very effective and have given managers key information in the hiring process. I appreciate the follow-up phone calls from COD asking if everything went well. I whole-heartedly recommend COD to university testing directors.

Carol Boger, Director of Testing Services
Lake Superior State University
Institute of Technology

I first used the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI) during a series of multicultural training awareness workshops for faculty and staff at West Virginia University Institute of Technology in the spring of 2007. I owe the success of these workshops totally to the CCAI. Based on participants’ feedback about the powerful learning experiences and insights that this excellent assessment tool generated, this tool made our workshops a resounding success. Created and implemented as part of a state-wide grant competition on multicultural sensitivity training, conducting these workshops required the judicious use of grant funds within a short timeframe, while fostering the highest attainable learning objectives. After researching many assessments on-line, I contacted David Towler for his help, an unknown resource at the time. He was extremely understanding, competent and genuine in his efforts to help me quickly locate the right tool to meet my needs. Since that time, I’ve used the CCAI to train RA’s and in my individual and group work with students.

As part of my work, I’ve also had to explore various learning style inventories and had questions about their applications for my at-risk students. I will never forget that within one hour of e-mailing Mr. Towler for help, he sent me a comprehensive listing of ten websites on learning style inventories, without any pressure whatsoever or concern as to whether or not I would actually purchase them. I was truly amazed; this simple act deeply impressed me. Mr. Towler’s integrity, knowledge and helpfulness is the standard by which all organizational consulting firms should be held, both within Canada and the United States.

Recently, I started the Doctoral program in Higher Education Administration at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. While I do not have my exact dissertation topic chosen as yet, I know that the COD will definitely play a major role in its development and defense. I’ve also highly recommended his resources and services to all Marshall University faculty and students. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow under the guidance of the COD.

Joan Viksjo M.A., M.Ed.
West Virginia University - Institute of Technology

We have been using the services of Creative Organizational Design to assist us with various aspects of our business for several years. Most recently, we have been using an employee testing system that helps us evaluate possible new employees by looking at significant behavioral indicators such as honesty, customer relations, and work values. This is very important to us as our business is rental apartments, and it is vital that all our employees are people-oriented. We are very satisfied with the ease in which the applicant can complete the testing. As well, the staff at Creative Organizational Design has the results available to us within 24 hours. This is very much appreciated as time is of the essence when it comes to finalizing a new hire. The results have been amazingly accurate and we have saved ourselves possible future problems on more than one occasion. We would not hesitate to recommend this firm or the employee testing program to anyone who needs this type of service.

Wendy Hallman, President
Hallman Property Management Ltd.
Atlantic Superstore

We have had a business relationship with Creative Organizational Design for the past six years. COD’s personal and unique approach to delivering a product has been particularly refreshing. The product(s) we have purchased have been both affordable and effective. Removing the “frills” from the process of employee attitude surveys has kept costs considerably lower than most competitors, without sacrificing the quality of the final product. John and his team have been very responsive to our needs and flexible in terms of modifying products to meet our requirements. I would not hesitate to recommend Creative Organizational Design to my peers in the retail industry.

Paul Mansbridge - VP Human Resources
Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd.

Creative Organizational Design’s customer service is exceptional. Not only do they respond to email messages quickly, they send out their orders promptly and are always ready to lend assistance and/or answer questions when required. It’s always a pleasure working with Creative Organizational Design!

Rose Boissonneault - Administrative Assistant
vpi inc
The Burke Group

We have been working with Creative Organizational Design for almost 7 years, and are consistently impressed (and always satisfied) with the level of customer service and attention to detail provided by the COD team. The number of assessment options is vast, the knowledge of each tool is comprehensive, and COD always delivers quality reports in a timely manner. Through their comprehensive number of products, and the exceptional customer service they provide, the Creative Organizational Design team has become an integral business partner supporting our company’s recruitment and career management development efforts.

Blake Cornelius - Senior Career Management Consultant
The Burke Group
Ornamental Mouldings

We started using the C.O.D. pre-employment assessments in 2004 and from that time we have seen a significant, almost complete 100% drop in candidates showing positive for drug tests once they were considered for employment. This is just one reason that we feel C.O.D. testing tools have helped us in our employment practices. We have expanded the use of the assessment materials to other locations within our organization and they are realizing similar results. We have most recently moved from the booklet assessments to their online products which is more cost effective in today’s economic climate. I have recommended C.O.D.’s products to other organizations as well.

Dennis B. Lowe, Human Resources Manager
Ornamental Mouldings, LLC/Ornamental Products, LLC
Triton Management Group

We have been working with Creative Organizational Design for several years and I would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone. Due to the nature of our business it is very important that we hire team members that possess a very high level of integrity. With the help of Creative Organizational Design we are able to screen each and every one of our applicants from sales associates to our corporate personnel. The results are instantaneous.

Lidia Nicholls - HR Assistant
Triton Management Group
Texas State University

As a university assistant professor involved in research, Creative Organizational Design was extremely helpful throughout the process of obtaining standardized psychological instruments. The representative stayed in touch with me, even through delays of the university Institutional Review Board approval and bureaucratic challenges with the billing. The representative responded quickly to phone calls and emails, handled obstacles with ease, and delivered the product when I needed it. I will definitely use them again.

Sally Hill Jones, PhD - Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Texas State University
National Semiconductor

I have used assessments from Creative Organizational Design for a number of years. I could not be happier with the results. The service and advice they provide is of inestimable value to get the right assessment tool for the task.

George Guthro - Supervisor of Operations Training and Staffing
National Semiconductor

I would like to say that ordering through Creative Organizational Design has been easy, fast and on time. The items ordered have always been of high standards and good quality.

Beverly Gilmore - Assistant Administrator
CSE Consulting
Kuyper College

For the past three years we have been using an assessment provided by Creative Organizational Design. This has been an integral part of our pre-departure orientation and post-return review with students who spend the May session in Guatemala.

I have been impressed with the validity of the survey, but even more, I have been pleasantly surprised by the prompt attention we have received by COD to our inquiry for purchasing addition copies. In less than 24 hours I had a response to my inquiry. All of my questions were answered. When we placed the order, we had it within 3 days even though the order crossed an international border. Follow-up e-mails to see if we had received the shipment and our satisfaction with the service tell me that COD is truly client-centered.

Gary Teja, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies
Kuyper College

We strive to create a workplace that motivates, develops and rewards employees to achieve success. Our employees are the cornerstone of our depth and our success. Their feedback regarding the degree of satisfaction and what they value is important to us. In the spring of 2008, GJ Cahill & Company Limited in partnership with Creative Organizational Design conducted an Employee Satisfaction Survey. Creative Organizational Design provided professional personalized service with in-depth analysis resulting in positive constructive feedback that enabled us to introduce further positive changes within our organization. We place high value on using Creative Organizational Design and will continue do so on a yearly basis.

Fred Cahill - President
GJ Cahill & Company Limited
Brown and Hurley

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional level of customer service offered by your organization. Considering our organization is in Australia and we needed additional assessments at such short notice, your time, assistance and customer service was incomparable.

Danielle Cullen - Senior Human Resources Advisor
The Brown and Hurley Group Pty Ltd.

We have been using Creative Organizational Design’s services for the past several years. Their staff was very responsive once we made contact. They took the time to listen to our needs and helped us come up with a series of tests that meets the various skilled jobs in our factory. As a result, our Human Resources Department has been able to place employees better through the skills tests they recommended. C.O.D. continues to contact us periodically to see if our needs have changed or if they can be of other assistance. We would recommend C.O.D. to anyone for their testing needs.

Lucy Moore - Manufacturing Coordinator
Philips Lighting Company

COD has probably the best follow-up and follow-through of any vendor I’ve worked with. They are always quick to get back to me and willing to take the time to talk things through with me i.e. they actually listen, understand my needs and then make a thoughtful suggestion as to how I might proceed. They don’t pester me and they’ve never made me feel pressured but have always made me feel that they actually care about helping me to improve my business. In short, I feel “looked after”. They are also very knowledgeable about their products which, for a newbie like me, was invaluable.

Barry Adam - Owner/GM
Impreglon Coatings

La-Z-Boy has been a satisfied client of Creative Organizational Design (COD) for many years. It started with a training program and today, it involves candidate assessments. Why do we keep turning to COD? It’s because we want results and they deliver. Just as important are their people. They have become like family. We trust them. We count on them. The personnel of some organizations come on like a freight train at full throttle. You wish they would go away. It’s different with COD. They listen; they take time with their clients; they respond quickly. We like that. We know we are dealing with professionals. We recommend them. Would we use them again? You bet!

John H. Spier, Human Resources Manager
La-Z-Boy Canada Ltd.
Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Canada is a rapidly growing, national, non-profit charity. At an early stage of our development, Creative Organizational Design, through one of their workshops, helped Habitat gain a better understanding of organizational structure and corporate team work.

Wilmer Martin, Former President & CEO
Habitat for Humanity Canada
Custom Leather

We have been using Creative Organizational Design’s services for the past several years. We regularly test all new hires using an instrument provided by them and have found that it assists us in obtaining employees who are more suited to our team-based operation.

We also have used their various counseling and testing services to help us deal with senior management issues and have benefited from the knowledgeable and objective points of view that they provide.

COD’s staff is available, usually on short notice, to help us augment our Human Resources Department.

Art Browne, President
Custom Leather Canada Limited
Choice Hotels

COD’s personalized service and in-depth analysis of our results provided us with solid insight into our employees and their thoughts about our Company. COD’s professionalism and quick turn-around time are just two of the reasons we will work with them again in the future.

Felice O'Neill, Vice President, Operations
Choice Hotels Canada Inc.

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