Advantages of Partnering with Creative Organizational Design


Creative Organizational Design provides you with many advantages that help you source the right assessment solutions for your needs.

In addition to having almost 50 years of experience in the assessment industry and decades of knowledge and expertise in testing, Creative Organizational Design:


  • Offers hundreds of assessment options that are all under one roof and accessible by a single phone call.
  • Carries more assessment products than almost any other test vendor.
  • Carries tests for assessing new applicants and existing employees, as well as, hundreds of tools for remedial applications, employee coaching and for team or personal development needs.
  • Offers a one-stop-shop whereby assessments for a variety of applications may all be found in one place. That saves you time by avoiding the need to call numerous vendors to ask the same questions and then having to compare and evaluate disparate products on your own.
  • Provides an expert, one-on-one needs analysis of each client’s unique requirements and a customized recommendation of potential solutions.
  • Offers you a variety of choices, at different price points, and provides advice regarding which one(s) would be the most applicable and/or cost effective for you and your organization.
  • Proactively brings forward additional options to meet your needs that may have escaped your notice when searching our website.
  • Enables you to source assessments that other providers often don’t know about, can’t provide, or won’t refer you to.
  • Does not charge any hidden or maintenance fees, nor requires licenses or annual fees.  We also provide access to all web-based, online-delivery platforms at no charge.
  • Is uncommonly responsive to client enquiries and their needs.  Our turn-around time is often very short, and we follow up on each contact and purchase to ensure delivery, your satisfaction, and to offer further assistance if required.
  • Invoices on a standard 30-day net basis so that you may buy now and pay later, which ensures that assessments may be accessed when you need them and without delays.
  • Retains completed reports (ones that we must deliver) on file so that duplicates or replacements may be re-issued at any time.
  • Adds new products to our catalogue on a frequent and ongoing basis, so there’s always something new available.
  • Offers a library of business articles related to assessments and related issues that provide a wealth of knowledge and insight about assessments.  They are also free and available for sharing or re-printing in other publications (with permission).

Contact us today to find the best solutions for your specific needs.

We’re eager to assist you and looking forward to hearing from you!

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