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For 40 years Creative Organizational Design has provided an extensive selection of reliable, accurate and validated assessment products for screening, testing and developing employees.

As Canada’s largest independent supplier of skills and aptitude tests, Creative Organizational Design is your one-stop-shop for hundreds of testing solutions.

Whether you’re hiring a new employee or promoting existing one there’s an assessment available to help you confirm the readiness of your applicants to fulfil your expectations and to help you avoid hiring someone else’s rejects.

Use our 40 years of experience and expertise to help you find the best tool for your individual needs.

We’re here to help and eager to assist you!

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SURVEY Employees or Customers to:

  • Measure customer satisfaction, employee attitudes, client services, alumni needs, marketing opportunities, website satisfaction, and more.

TEST Employees or Applicants to:

  • Hire or promote the right employees using pre-screening tests and assessments.
  • Keep the right employees by determining skill levels, aptitude, ability, and attitude.
  • Reliably measure honesty, customer service, management skills, dexterity, teamwork, burnout, time management, stress, and much more.

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We Have New Tests!!

In an effort to continue to bring you the widest selection of assessments and the newest offerings we have been adding like mad. Here are just some of the newest offerings that have been added to our lineup:

Analytical Reasoning Test
Call Center Customer Service Representative Test
Career Advancement Profile – Revised
Career Motivation Profile – 2nd Revision
Careprovider Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile & CPAP Abridged
Cellular Technician
Childcare Aptitude Profile
Clerical Aptitude Assessment – 3rd Revision
CNC Test
Coaching & Trainability Attitude Assessment
Collision Repair and Refinish Technician Assessment – Revised
Communication Skills Assessment – 2nd Revision
Creativity & Problem Solving Aptitude Test – Revised
Customer Service Profile – 3rd Revision
Detail Orientation Test
Driving Personality Profile – 2nd Revision
Employee Attitude and Personality Test – Revised
Entrepreneurial Aptitude Profile
Entrepreneurial Personality Assessment
Franchisee Personality Profile – General, Fast Food, Hotel and Restaurant Versions
Hairstylist Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile – Abridged
Ironworker Test
IT Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile – Revised
Leadership Potential Assessment – 2nd Revision
Lockout/Tagout Test
Workplace Excellence Inventory
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