Survey Formats – Sample Questions

Survey Questions

Creative Organizational Design can help you to avoid common surveying mistakes and provide you with a well-crafted, customized survey that incorporates many different question types and formats.

To obtain useful, accurate, measurable survey results, you need to:

  • Focus on a specific topic,
  • Speak to a specific group,
  • Ask the right questions,
  • In the most efficient format,
  • Using the most appropriate response choices.

For examples of different question types and formats, see our sample online survey below.

Types of Surveys:

We’ve created countless surveys, including surveys of:

  • Benefits programs
  • Customer service or satisfaction
  • Employee attitude or engagement
  • Internal attitude – employee opinion
  • Product evaluation
  • Marketing programs
  • Sales initiatives
  • Trade shows
  • Websites
A well-designed survey makes the process easy and inexpensive.

Sample Online Survey for Employees

This sample survey illustrates some of the types of questions & formats available and illustrates how your customized survey might appear.

Please note: This is not a real, working survey; it will not submit any answers or record any information.


(Collect any kind or number of demographics that you require.)

A Are you:


B What State do you live in?


C What is your age?
(Question Type: Customized Drop-Down List)


D How long have you been employed by ABC Company?
 Less than 1 year
 1 - 2 years
 3 - 4 years
 5 - 6 years
 6+ years


Survey Questions:

(Ask any number of questions in any format.)

1. I have a good understanding of the duties/responsibilities of my job.
(Question Type: Choose One)
 Strongly Agree
 Strongly Disagree


2. I would describe ABC Company's management style as:
(Question Type: Choose All That Apply)


3. Performance Standards for each employee are:
Yes No
Focused on how the job should be performed
Focused on a set of mutually agreed to objectives
Based on the competencies needed for the position
Focused on outcomes, allowing each person to find his or her route


4. What do you need most from ABC Company's management team?
 On-Site Support
 Inter-Departmental Communication
 Other  (Question Type: Fill-In-The-Blank)


5. Rank these items in order of importance to you. (Use #1 as most important)
(Question Type: Rank-Order or Rating)
1 2 3 4 5
Job Satisfaction
Job Security
Career Opportunities
Work-Life Balance


6. My greatest concern as an employee is...
(Question Type: Verbatim or Write-In Response)


Thank you for your participation.  Your responses are important to us. Once we have received all responses, we will inform you of the results.


Question Formats:

Carefully constructed questions, incorporating specific response variables, can make the difference between collecting accurate or ambiguous data.

We can design any kind of question that you desire, including these formats:

  • Choose One
  • Choose All That Apply
  • Rank-Order or Rating
  • Customized Drop-Down List
  • Fill-In-The-Blank
  • Verbatim or Write-In Response

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