2024 Christmas/Holiday Hours

Please be advised that Creative Organizational Design will closed from Friday December 22, 2023 through to Monday January 2nd, 2024 (inclusive) for the holidays. Please refrain from leaving messages by phone during this period.  They won't be checked regularly and...

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NEW – Therapy Assessments

We’re pleased to announce the recent addition of 17 assessments designed to help counsellors, therapists and other professionals investigate and diagnose a variety of mental health disorders and personality traits amongst their clientele.

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New Test Announcement – Work Styles Predictor

COD is pleased to announce the addition of the Work Styles Predictor. This custom-designed assessment will help organizations pre-screen applicants for entry-level and supervisory roles. The test is customized, with your direct input, and specialized for your...

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Summer Sale On Now!

Our Summer Sale is on now! All orders placed in June 2023 will receive an automatic 15% discount.* Now's the time to stock up on your assessments and save money.   *Cannot be combined with other promotions.

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Over 1000 New Tests Recently Added

We are pleased to announce that we have added over 1000 new test titles to our catalogue! The IBM Kenexa tests have been widely used and highly regarded measures of job fit, personality, job skills and more.  The range of options available to employers is immense and...

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Holiday Hours – Christmas 2021

  Holiday Hours - Christmas 2021 Creative Organizational Design will be closed for the Holiday beginning on December 20th 2021 and reopening on January 3rd 2022 @ 9 AM Eastern. Please be advised that between Dec 20th and Dec 24th emails and phone calls WILL BE...

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Self-Assess Your Emotional Resilience In The Face of Adversity With The FREE Pandemic Resilience Test

This is an uncertain time and it has put great deal of stress on everyone, particularly those who are without an income, and those who have friends or family who’ve contracted Covid-19. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to become weighed down with worry about the future.

Some people cope well with adversity and others are less hardy. Even those who cope well sometimes need additional support or to be reminded that they do have some control over their lives and that there are things they can do to reduce their anxiety. For some, the Pandemic Resilience Test can help them clarify their need for outside or professional mental health support.

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