Workplace Stress Is Pervasive, Deadly, And Getting Worse

80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress. The other 20% is lucky because apparently everyone else is suffering; both at the individual and the corporate level.

Does Personality Change Over Time Or Remain Constant From Birth?

Personality does change over time (a long time) and it’s a significant although small change over one’s lifetime. What the researchers found was that as we mature, so do our personalities. Specifically, people tend to ‘peak’ in middle age but at a level not high enough to infer a complete lack of change in personality traits. This means that personality has a stable component across the life span, both at the trait level and at the profile level, and that personality is also malleable, and people mature as they age.

Self-Assess Your Emotional Resilience In The Face of Adversity With The FREE Pandemic Resilience Test

This is an uncertain time and it has put great deal of stress on everyone, particularly those who are without an income, and those who have friends or family who’ve contracted Covid-19. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to become weighed down with worry about the future.

Some people cope well with adversity and others are less hardy. Even those who cope well sometimes need additional support or to be reminded that they do have some control over their lives and that there are things they can do to reduce their anxiety. For some, the Pandemic Resilience Test can help them clarify their need for outside or professional mental health support.

The Myth of The Poor Millennial Work Ethic: The Reality and What You Can Do About It.

There are 75 million Millennials in the USA (the generation born between 1980 and 2000). The youngest ones are just turning 20 this year and the oldest are now 40. They also make up 32% of the global population and represent 250 million people. If you have employees, then Millennials already are, or soon will be, a part of your workforce.

Why ‘Know-It-All’s’ Are Missing Out

There are hundreds of skills, aptitude and personality assessments on the market for good reason – because they work! If you’re not using any when hiring or promoting people then you should probably be wondering if you’re missing out on something good (because you probably are).