Self-Assess Your Emotional Resilience In The Face of Adversity With The FREE Pandemic Resilience Test

Creative Organizational Design has a NEW and FREE personal self-assessment of coping skills and emotional resilience developed specifically with the current Covid-19 Pandemic in mind.

The Pandemic Resilience Test is TOTALLY FREE – there are absolutely no strings attached.   You won’t even be added to a mailing list or anything.

It will help you assess your current stress levels, how well you cope with adversity and offer tons of helpful advice on how to build up your skills and your emotional ‘shield’ against adversity in a comprehensive 15-page report.

This is an uncertain time and it has put great deal of stress on everyone, particularly those who are without an income, and those who have friends or family who’ve contracted Covid-19. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to become weighed down with worry about the future.

Some people cope well with adversity and others are less hardy. Even those who cope well sometimes need additional support or to be reminded that they do have some control over their lives and that there are things they can do to reduce their anxiety. For some, the Pandemic Resilience Test can help them clarify their need for outside or professional mental health support.

If you or anyone you know is worried, uncertain or anxious because of the global pandemic or wondering if perhaps engaging mental health professionals would be a good idea, then this self-assessment of your current skills is for you.

We need ONLY your email address and name. You can take the assessment online, at your leisure, in the privacy of your own home and download your confidential, personal report immediately.

The Pandemic Resilience Test evaluates a number of traits and skills that play an important role in people’s response to adversity, and offers loads of helpful, down-to-earth advice on how to manage the stress and fear stirred up by the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Test evaluates nine factors, eight of which can act as a protective psychological “shield” against the stress caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

The test offers an overall resilience score, along with scores and narrative results for the following scales:

  • Current Stress Level: Assesses a person’s stress level as it relates to the current pandemic.
  • Dealing with Ambiguity: Assesses a person’s ability to cope with the unknown.
  • Locus of Control: Assesses a person’s perceived sense of control over his or her circumstances, and life in general.
  • Perspective: Assesses a person’s ability to step back from a situation and see the big picture.
  • Critical Thinking: Assesses a person’s ability to think rationally about a subject.
  • Coping Skills: Assesses whether a person makes it a habit of using healthy, adaptive strategies to deal- with stress.-
  • Hardiness: Assesses a person’s ability to remain resilient, and to bounce back from hardship.
  • Community Values: Assesses the degree to which a person shows good will towards his or her fellow human beings during a crisis.
  • Common Sense: Assesses a person’s ability to apply practical and intuitive knowledge that is not necessarily related to formal education.

The Pandemic Resilience Test also offers practical tips that people can apply immediately, including mindfulness and deep breathing techniques, tips on how to avoid making fear-based decisions, and strategies to channel negative emotions.

Get your FREE self-assessment today. We need only your name and email address and you will absolutely not be added to any mailing lists or receive any follow up emails or marketing offers from us later on.  We promise!

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