Firearm Operator Selection Inventory

FOSI-for security positions and emotional problems that could disrupt work performance.


The Firearm Operator Selection Inventory® is a customized version of the Personnel Selection Inventory series.

More information on the PSI tests and available measurements it offers can be found on this website via the A to Z Test List link at the left.

PSI®-Firearm Operator Selection Inventory (FOSI)

The FOSI was developed for security positions requiring a class G license in Florida. The FOSI assessment can only be used in the State of Florida and only for security positions requiring a Class G License.

The FOSI contains the following scales:

• Honesty
• Drug Avoidance – (making it illegal for use in Canada)
• Nonviolence
• Emotional Stability
• Safety

The Emotional Stability scale helps measure whether or not a candidate is likely to have emotional problems that could disrupt work performance or safety practices.

NOTE: The FOSI is only available for administration in paper format but is scored by entering scores online.

The Personnel Selection Inventory® series is a group of tests that measure a variety of areas. The descriptions and scales are described on the PSI page of this website (see above).

Each scale is a group of items or questions that measure a specific attitude and provides an independent score for that area.

Depending on the PSI® version, each PSI® contains from three to 10 scales.

Employers can use information from these scales to determine the acceptability of an applicant for the position being filled.

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