Law Enforcement Officer Comprehensive Assessment

The test that you are seeking is no longer available but there are alternatives available that may address your needs. Please call us directly at 519-745-0142 or email us directly at and we’ll be happy to help you source other solutions.

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We’re sorry, the Law Enforcement Officer Comprehensive Assessment solution has been discontinued.

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Purpose: The Law Enforcement Officer Comprehensive Assessment assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of law enforcement officer (LEO) candidates so that you can judge the candidates’ fitness for law enforcement duties as well as whether they would make solid, reliable employees. Desirable traits include candidates who:

  • Come to work everyday
  • Are responsible and cooperative with both their supervisors and co-workers
  • Work hard and go the extra mile to do a good job
  • Display good interpersonal skills for dealing with the public in various types of situations
  • Possess the strength of character to handle unruly suspects and get them to cooperate with minimal use of force
  • Are unlikely to engage in various kinds of ethical misconduct such as rules infractions, internal theft, drug use, or inappropriate show of violence.

Benefits of using the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Officer Assessment:

  • This assessment process provides evaluation of your candidates by both an Industrial Psychologist who specializes in evaluating how well people perform in certain jobs.
  • An evaluation by a Clinical Psychologist who determines whether candidates are free of mental disorders that would impair their ability to perform essential law enforcement duties.
  • The reports you get are easy to understand because they are written in readily understandable terms with no confusing psychological jargon.
  • We are very sensitive to your need for a quick turnaround — no more waiting around for weeks and weeks for a psychological report to appear!
  • We can provide follow-up phone consultation when you need additional insights on certain candidates.

The Law Enforcement Officer Comprehensive Assessment has 4 parts:

  • Law Enforcement Officer Personal Style Inventory: This untimed test consists of two parts: a 175-question personality inventory and a 44-item test of mental ability that incorporates verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning questions. This test takes approximately 90 minutes although it will vary from person to person because there are no time limits. Dimensions included in this test are described in a table below. The actual questions in this test are the same as the Security Guard test, but the scoring for the two job categories is slightly different.
  • A standardized clinical personality inventory which is useful in determining potential mental health problems in candidates for jobs such as police officers, public safety officers, corrections officers, state troopers, security guards, etc. This tool provides validated interpretations that are not available with normal pre-employment assessment tools, and it meets most standards for a clinical evaluation requirement as part of the hiring process. This untimed test consists of 344 questions and it take about an hour to complete.
  • Law Enforcement Officer Clinical Evaluation Form: This is a set of open ended questions that are similar to what is usually asked during an interview with a Clinical Psychologist. Candidates type out their answers so that their responses are organized and documented. Having this information at hand allows the Clinical Psychologist who is doing to clinical interview to make the best use of his/her time. Most candidates take about 1 hour to complete this form.
  • Interview with a Clinical Psychologist: We would provide the Clinical Psychologist data from each of the three tests described above. With that information, the psychologist would do the interview, make a judgment about the candidate’s fitness for a job in law enforcement, and then sign the POST form.

The Evaluation Process:

  • Staff in your department are responsible for administering the tests to job candidates. We strongly advise that you have the candidate respond to the online assessments in a supervised environment so that you can be sure the candidate’s answers are theirs alone, and not those of a behind-the-scenes assistant.
  • Once the three separate tests have been completed. We will provide that information to a Clinical Psychologist in your local area. We will work with you to coordinate a time for the candidate to be interviewed by the Clinical Psychologist, after which he/she will sign the POST form and make it available to you within 24 hours.
  • Our staff then creates a customized report that summarizes all the information and gives you an overall recommendation. Turnaround time is generally 24-48 hours.

What You Get:

  • A customized report written by an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist that reviews the candidate’s potential to be a solid, reliable employee, but it also looks at risk factors: drug use, violence, theft. The report provides a graphical display of scores, an explanation of mental ability tests, a list of narrative statements that described the candidate’s Strengths and Developmental Concerns, Suggested Interview Questions, and an overall recommendation for hire.
  • A PAI for Law Enforcement® report: This computer generated report gives an overall psychological risk rating for law enforcement jobs along with many other scores on 15 clinically relevant categories. It also provides the candidate’s responses to critical items.
  • Law Enforcement Officer Clinical Evaluation Form with the candidate’s actual answers to questions.
  • POST form signed by a Clinical Psychologist.

Options: Contact us to learn how we can customize the test content or the way information is presented in the report to meet your specifications. We can also help you validate an assessment for your workforce or establish company-specific scoring.

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The test that you are seeking is no longer available but there are alternatives available that may address your needs. Please call us directly at 519-745-0142 or email us directly at and we’ll be happy to help you source other solutions.

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