Why We Do Not Provide Sample Tests for Studying or for Student Research

Applicants, Job Seekers & Parents

Creative Organizational Design cannot and will not provide free working samples, study guides or practice tests for any of the products that we carry. If you are about to take a test or want to prepare for a test, we cannot help you. Please understand that we cannot and will not respond to requests from job applicants seeking free samples or study guides.

We aren’t just being intentionally unkind, there are several specific reasons for this.

  • No publisher, test developer or retailer (that we know of) publishes, produces, carries or sells study guides, Cliff Notes, Coles Notes, practice tests, etc. for the assessment products that we carry. They simply are not available. If you have found information about such guides on another website please contact those providers. We are independent and cannot answer questions about any information or products that you may have read about on another organization’s website.
  • With the exception of some basic skills assessments (i.e. math/reading), most pre-employment assessments do not have “right” and “wrong” answers, nor do they come with “answer sheets” showing the correct responses. Obtaining a copy of the test will not tell you what the right answers are.
  • The assessments that we sell cannot be studied for and are designed to be taken “cold” so that employers can assess what you already know, not what you can prepare for in advance. It is partly for this reason that study guides do not exist.
  • Providing applicants with sample questions or sample tests would give some people an unfair advantage and would be unethical. Our role is to provide employers with assessment tools that help them determine who has the skills they need and are looking for. Helping applicants “pass” the tests would undermine the entire testing process.
  • In many cases, assessments are only sold in minimum quantities and require the purchase of answer sheets, scoring keys, norms guides and/or administration manuals and cannot simply be purchased individually. Some tests cost several hundred dollars for the ‘start up kits’ and are simply not available to be sold for $5 or $10 on a one-off basis. By law, some tools may only be sold to individuals with specific educational or professional qualifications.
  • There are 1000’s of tests available on the market. Even if were we able or willing to provide free copies, there’s no guarantee that the titles that we carry would be the same assessment or version that you’re looking for or may be given by an employer.

The tests that we carry are designed for and intended to be used by employers seeking to measure the skills of their employees or job applicants. Part of their decision to hire or promote an individual may be based, in part, upon the scores obtained on a particular assessment. Creative Organizational Design is not a testing service and does not administer assessments to applicants. We have no control over how an employer may use the results of a particular assessment tool.

Unfortunately, we are unable to honour requests for free tests, complete/working samples, or study guides and cannot respond to such requests. We encourage those who are preparing to take a pre-employment test and who require additional information, to contact the Test Administrator for this assistance. In most cases, however, you will probably have to complete the assessment without being able to preview it and simply do your best.

Students seeking research materials: We may be able to assist some students who are seeking information for research purposes. Complimentary copies are not available but we will (at our discretion) endeavour to provide what information that we have available and/or direct you to other sources that may be able to address your requests.

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