Basic Computer Literacy (Windows 10)

The Basic Computer Literacy (Windows 10) test measures knowledge of general computer terminology, processes, and applications and the ability to perform certain operations in a simulated environment resembling the actual application.

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Logic IQ Test

The Logic IQ Test is designed to test logic and mathematical IQ. It will assess a person’s ability to logically discern numerical patterns and to apply them to new contexts, to complete numerical computations, and to solve geometrical, mathematical and logic word problems.

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Use the MecTest™ to select manufacturing or processing maintenance candidates with skills in eight different skill areas like hydraulics, print reading, welding, lubrication, maintenance, piping skills.

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Microsoft Excel 365 Essentials

The Microsoft Excel 365 Essentials simulation evaluates experience in sorting and filtering data, creating and applying simple functions and formulas, modifying cell formatting and content, viewing and printing workbooks, managing workbooks and worksheets, adding headers, footers and page breaks, creating and labeling charts and pivot tables, setting a print area and more.

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Microsoft Word 365 Essentials

The Microsoft PowerPoint 365 Essentials simulation evaluates experience in creating, and saving, and presentation content, modifying the presentation layout, and reviewing and delivering presentations.

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