Assess hydraulics, print reading, welding, lubrication, maintenance, piping skills.


The MecTest may be used to help select manufacturing or processing maintenance candidates with respect to the following areas:

• Hydraulics and pneumatics
• Print reading
• Welding and rigging
• Power transmission
• Lubrication
• Pumps and piping
• Mechanical maintenance
• Shop machines, tools and equipment

The test contains 60 items in a multiple choice format. In a group of 201 employed mechanics, reliability was .89 with a mean score of 39.86, a standard deviation of 9.76, and a standard error of measurement of 3.24.

For a group of 95 maintenance employees at a Fortune 500 processing plant, total MecTest score correlated .31 (p < .01) with managers' overall rating of job performance. Normative Data – applicant and job incumbent norms are provided.

Validation Studies – Validation studies have been conducted on the MecTest and are available upon request.

Sample Question: Peak hydraulic system demands may be met by the use of:

A. an accumulator.
B. a dual system.
C. a large reservoir.
D. an oversize pump.

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