Call Center Skills Test

Identifies problem solving, grammar, vocabulary, rule following, math, logic and more.



To evaluate the capability and aptitude of an individual required for a position in a call center.

General Description:

The Call Center Skills Test, from which a four-page report is provided to the client, is ideal for evaluating the potential of candidates with or without prior “call center” experience. It measures the following criteria:

Telephone etiquette and the ability to respond professionally to clients on the telephone. The candidate’s ability to use proper grammar. Vocabulary skills relevant to a call center positions. Attention to detail and ability to follow specific instructions. Basic math, logic, analytical and telephone problem solving skills.

Positions for which the test is appropriate:

This test is used to pre-screen job applicants and in-house personnel in the following positions:

• Call Center Representative
• Non-technical Help Desk

Job criteria measured:

• Telephone etiquette
• Ability to respond professionally to clients on the telephone
• Grammar
• Vocabulary skills
• Attention to detail
• Ability to follow specific instructions
• Basic math
• Logical and analytical skills
• Telephone problem solving skills

Test administration:

The test requires only clerical supervision to administer and takes 60 minutes to complete. Each section is timed.

Validation Information Available Upon Request

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