Six Factor Personality Questionnaire

The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (16PF) establishes a fully-rounded picture of the whole individual, making it a vital roadmap for decision makers and help understand the enduring personality characteristics of individuals.

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The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (16PF) establishes a fully-rounded picture of the whole individual, making it a vital roadmap for decision makers and help understand the enduring personality characteristics of individuals.  Before you invest time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants.

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (16PF) encompasses and extends the popular ‘Big 5’ factors of personality. Research indicates that by dividing the Conscientiousness scale into Industriousness and Methodicalness the 16PF achieves increased validity over traditional ‘Big 5’ measures. Information is available providing strong support for the reliability and the convergent, discriminant, factorial, and criterion validity of this renowned assessment. With an administration time of 20 minutes, the 16PF is a quick and effective measure of personality.

Applications • Assessment of normal adult personality. • Useful for personnel selection and in counselling settings. • Research requiring a broad coverage of personality dimensions.

Description The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire is a measure of six personality dimensions each consisting of three facet scales, measured by 108 Likert items.

Improved Model of Conscientiousness Research indicates that six factors achieve increased validity over the traditional ‘Big 5’ factors. Industriousness and Methodicalness are distinct, but related factors that account for unique nuances in the prediction of certain behaviours, not otherwise accounted for by Conscientiousness alone. The division of Conscientiousness results in a richer measurement of personality. In addition, goodness of fit indices indicate that the 6 factor model is superior to the five (5) factor model.

Differential Criterion Predictability Industriousness and Methodicalness are distinct, but related factors that have been found to predict different behaviours and performance. One study, for example, found that Industriousness uniquely predicted grade point average, while Methodicalness was related to smoking behaviour in a group of post secondary students. The differential pattern of predictive validities between Industriousness and Methodicalness supports the utility of the 6 factor structure.

Ideal for Personnel Selection Unlike other popular measures of ‘Big 5’, 16PF items are minimally correlated with desirability. The 16PF suppresses a job candidate’s tendency to answer in a way that “sounds good”. This increases the validity of this test, allowing for a more accurate representation of a candidate’s personality. In addition, the 16PF does not contain clinical scales, such as Neuroticism. Job applicant norms are also available.

Item Selection The development of the 16PF has benefited from modern construct-oriented methods of personality scale construction having originated from the thousands of items comprising the original item pools of the highly-regarded, Personality Research Form (PRF) and the Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPI-R). There are over 2000 articles citing one or both of these assessments.

Norms Adult SFPQ norms were based on the responses of a systematically sampled group of 1067 participants (483 men and 584 women) from the United States and Canada. Normative information for a sample of job applicants (N = 4040) is also available.

Reliability Cronbach alpha values range from .76 to .86 (median .81) for the 16PF factor scales.

Validity Factor analytic studies have revealed that the 16PF measures the six (or ‘Big 5’) factors as efficiently as other measures that are more than twice as long. Structural equation analyses supports the hypothesized factor structure. Correlations of self-ratings with peer ratings ranged from .45 to .69 (average .56.). Correlations between the 16PF and several well-known measures (for example, NEO-PI-R; 16 PF, CPI) of personality provide evidence of convergent and discriminant validity.

Hand Scoring Materials required for hand scoring include a manual, one reusable test booklet, one quick score answer sheet and one profile sheet (separate male and female or combined norms) per respondent.

Mail-in Scoring The 16PF Basic Report consists of a profile of the 6 factor scale and 18 facet scale scores, descriptions of high and low scorers for each scale, administrative indices and a table of raw responses. Materials required include the manual, and for each respondent, one reusable test booklet, and one machine readable answer sheet.

Software The SigmaSoft 16PF for Windows offers the convenience of administering and scoring the 16PF directly on your computer. This software also makes it easy to input answers or scale scores from paper and pencil administrations and can import data scanned from special forms using an optical mark reader. The 16PF for Windows software produces two types of report. The Basic Report is similar to that available from our Mail-in Scoring Service. The Data Report contains the scores found in the Basic Report in a format designed for use by other programs. In addition to the software itself, you will need to purchase enough coupons to pay for each report you wish to produce.

Internet The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire can also be completed online. The online testing platform allows you instant local and remote testing and administrative access to a full range of tests and test results.

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