Stress Profile

Quickly identifies characteristics/behaviors that protect against or contribute to stress.

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The Stress Profile quickly identifies individual characteristics and behaviors that protect against or contribute to stress.

Use this tool within organizational settings as part of wellness, stress management, and health promotion programs. Because it is quick and easy to administer, the Stress Profile is ideal for routine use in organizations, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and medical practices.

What it measures

In just 20 minutes, the Stress Profile measures fifteen personal traits and lifestyle habits that have been shown to moderate the stress-illness relationship. It is ideal for both clinical and organizational use; for behavioral health or executive coaching programs.


• EAP programs
• Executive coaching
• Stress management


• Easy to administer
• Identifies personal traits and lifestyle habits

The stress report measures 15 areas:

• Health Habits
• Exercise
• Sleep/Rest
• Nutrition
• Prevention
• Social Support
• Type A behavior
• Cognitive Hardiness
• Coping Style
• Positive Appraisal
• Negative Appraisal
• Threat Minimization
• Problem Focus
• Psychological
• Well-Being

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