Jones DesLaurier Blevins

Working with the many assessments available from Creative Organizational Design, my experience has been very favourable. In this challenging market, optimization of time, resources and money are critical when making a hiring decision.  Each and every hire is an...

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AED One-Stop

We had been searching to fill a procurement position for close to a year when we reached out to Creative Organizational Designs for help.  We worked with David who was personable and made the whole experience delightful.  Once we explained our needs, he promptly...

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Weekes Engineering

Since we started using an array of testing offered by COD, we are now able to see the blind spots with candidates, so we are able to focus on people of value to our business in the hiring process.  We can now more effectively determine in the interview process those...

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CBBC Career College

As a Senior Corporate Officer at a private career college in Nova Scotia, I have found the products and services of Creative Organizational Design to be first-class. The customer service is excellent, and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to diversify...

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“Trust the test results”

David is a pleasure to work with. I’ve used his hiring tools for the past 2 years and I’ve found his Assessments to be deadly accurate!!!   So, if your applicant doesn’t score in the top 80%  you will be hiring a ‘C’ team member.  I just reconfirmed this by hiring a...

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