Air Conditioning Specialist

Measures Print Reading, Electrical, Heating and Ventilation, A/C, etc.


This 60 item, paper-and-pencil test is designed to test knowledge and skill in the area of air conditioning.

Categories tested include: Print Reading, Electrical, and Test Equipment; Controls; Welding, Piping and Plumbing; Mechanical Maintenance & Machines and Equipment; Heating and Ventilation & Combustion; and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

The Air Conditioning Specialist Test was developed as part of the development of a series of skills tests. A shortened version consisting of 60 items, RCJS Air Conditioning Specialist – Form SWA-C, was developed in February of 2002. An on-line version Form SWA-E was developed in October of 2002. One item was altered slightly in the on-line version of the test in order to allow the use of a smaller schematic diagram.

The test was intended for use with applicants and incumbents for jobs where knowledge and skill in the area of air conditioning is a necessary part of job activities. Job analysis activities conducted during development of this test revealed that an applicable title is Heating and Air Conditioning Installer Servicer as defined in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (U.S. Department of Labor, 1991) and Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanics and Installers, as defined on O*NET OnLine (National O*Net consortium for the U.S. Department of Labor, 2007).

Sample Questions

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

52. You have a refrigeration unit that will not run. There is
power to the unit. The contactor is open and there is
power to the holding coil. The most likely problem is

A. a stuck compressor.
B. burned off contacts.
C. open windings.
D. a burned out holding coil.

53. You have a refrigeration unit that will not run. There is
power to the unit. The contactor is closed and the
3-phase motor tries to start. The most likely problem is

A. open windings.
B. there is no voltage to the motor.
C. in the transformer.
D. a burned out holding coil.


A. Print Reading
1. Schematics (basic, pneumatic, electrical,& complex piping)
2. Mechanical drawings
3. Assembly drawings

B. Controls
1. Pneumatic
a. Air supply systems
b. Regulation & control
c. Valves
d. Actuators
e. Air compressors
f. Air dryers
2. Electrical
3. Electronic
4. System calibration
5. Troubleshooting & applications
6. Transducers

C. Welding, Burning, Brazing, & Soldering
1. Methods
2. Equipment

D. Mechanical Maintenance
1. Troubleshooting
2. Prevention
3. Recording
4. Alignment/Balancing
5. Remove/Assemble/Install equipment
6. Lubrication

E. Machines & Equipment
1. Hand tools
2. Power tools
3. Rigging

F. Heating & Ventilating
1. Troubleshooting
2. Monitoring
3. Equipment
4. Psychometrics

G. AC & Refrigeration
1. Troubleshooting
2. Monitoring
3. Equipment
4. Refrigerants
5. Conversion

H. Piping & Plumbing
1. Types
2. Tubing, hoses & fittings
3. Valves
4. Strainers, filters & traps
5. Steam, water & gas
6. Heat exchanger
7. Troubleshooting & applications
8. Pumps

I. Combustion
1. Control systems
2. Analyzers
3. Furnaces, boilers, & heating systems

J. Electrical
1. AC/DC theory
2. Motors
3. Control circuits

K. Test Equipment & Instrumentation
1. VOM
2. Megger
3. Ammeter
4. Gauging
5. Conversion of standards

L. Safety (safety item in each area)


Please contact us for pricing and more information. In most cases, detailed information including samples pages/reports and/or validity information is available to be sent in Adobe format upon request.

A. Print Reading (5), Electrical (6),and Test Equipment (2) – 13
B. Controls – 13
C. Welding (2), Piping and Plumbing (4) – 6
D. Mechanical Maintenance (7), and Machines & Equipment (2) – 9
E. Heating & Ventilation (8), and Combustion (2) – 10
F. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – 9

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