Management Effectiveness Profile System

The Management Effectiveness Profile System® assists mid to upper-level managers in evaluating their on-the-job skills and compares their abilities with a database of more than 5,000 other managers.

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The Management Effectiveness Profile System ® assists mid to upper-level managers in evaluating their on-the-job skills and compares their abilities with a database of more than 5,000 other managers.   Use this tool for management development, coaching, team building and more.

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The Management Effectiveness Profile System™ helps improve mid- to upper-level managers’ task, personal, and interpersonal skills.

The Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) is a 360-degree instrument.  Not only does it compare managers’ opinions of their skills with the opinions of the people working with them; it also compares their abilities with a database of more than 5,000 other managers.

The MEPS provides in depth results together with action steps for improvement for all of the 14 management skills that it measures.  The MEPS assessment packages are designed to address the specific skills required in management positions in all kinds of organizations.  It is recommended for mid to upper-level managers and identifies their level of effectiveness in the following 14 work-related areas:

The MEPS utilizes an integrated approach to create sustainable performance outcomes. Research has shown that effectiveness at an individual, team, and organizational level is driven by thinking, behaviour, and expectations of behaviour. The MEPS has been developed using the world’s leading diagnostics in conjunction with consulting solutions to transform leaders, teams, and organizational culture.

This skills-based diagnostic system uses 360° feedback to provide managers with a balanced perspective of their strengths and development opportunities in fourteen areas that are organized into three general categories of management skills:

Task Skills:

  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Leadership
  • Organizing

People Skills:

  • Team Development
  • Delegation
  • Participation
  • Integrating Differences
  • Providing Feedback

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Stress Processing
  • Maintaining Integrity
  • Commitment

The Process and The Report


The MEPS takes about 25 minutes to complete.  Participants complete a self-assessment instrument and choose 5 others to describe them.  The assessments are returned to Creative Organizational Design for processing.  The manager receives a comprehensive report containing the assessments and both the “self” and “others” ratings on each of the 14 essential skills.


One of the unique features of this instrument is that the report also contains a comprehensive guide for improvement.  If managers wish to develop strengths further or eliminate weaknesses, they have all of the information, suggestions, actions plans, and advice needed to make it happen.


The MEPS is one of the most accurate and effective instruments we carry.  Our clients have found it to be a very useful tool for assessing managerial skills and developing managerial ability.


Key functions of an organization depend upon the day-to-day actions and decisions of its managers; because they direct and co-ordinate the work of others, effective managers are critical to an organization’s success.


No matter how experienced the manager, mastery of the basics is critical to success.  How can an organization ensure that each of its managers has the skills to perform at capacity and they are being sufficiently challenged to do even better?  Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) is a powerful coaching tool that measures and evaluates the skills that are critical to management success.


MEPS uses a unique and statistically valid process to provide managers with reliable, comprehensive feedback about their management skills in 14 key functional areas.  With the knowledge and insight that this information brings, managers can accurately identify development needs and make specific improvements to their performance.  This results in measurable, lasting change.


The Process

The MEPS assessment package focuses on providing high quality feedback as the foundation for individual development.  How an individual manager rates their own performance can provide insight, and this information is even more powerful when combined with feedback from others.  To ensure that managers obtain a balanced perspective of their strengths and development opportunities, MEPS measures performance from both the individual’s point-of-view and that of five trusted associates.  The MEPS survey form consists of 96 questions that are answered by individual managers and the five trusted associates they have selected.

MEPS is optically read using the latest technology to produce a confidential, detailed report which provides an overall picture of the manager’s behaviour and level of effectiveness in areas such as leadership, promotability, ability to work with people, and interest in self-improvement.

Scores are also broken down and visually depicted in easy to read and comprehend graphs that identify specific development needs in the following 14 key functional areas:

With the feedback generated by MEPS, managers can find out how they see themselves, how others perceive them, and how proficiently they perform the responsibilities associated with being both a manager and a leader in their organization.  Once the need for change is identified, improvement can begin.



The major strength of MEPS is ownership.  MEPS doesn’t dictate change.  Instead, it places the responsibility for performance improvement in a manager’s hands.  In particular, MEPS enables managers to:

  • Measure and assess their current levels of expertise in specific areas pertaining to their responsibilities as managers.
  • Compare their self-perceived expertise in 14 specific skill areas with objective confidential feedback from their five selected colleagues.
  • Gain insight into their current level of expertise in these 14 areas relative to a representative sample of about 4,000 other managers.
  • Obtain knowledge of the impact their behaviour has on others.
  • Determine specific skill areas in which they want to change or improve.
  • Develop prescriptive, action-oriented strategies for bringing these changes about.



In the MEPS assessment package managers will receive:

  • One Self-Description Inventory and five Description by Others Inventories which contain the 96 questions to be completed by the individual manager and the five others he/she has selected.
  • A comprehensive 160-page Management Effectiveness Report which compiles the results for at-a-glance viewing and provides a breakdown of scores for help in improving specific problem areas.
  • A Self-Development Guide that discusses the importance of feedback, as well as effective management techniques and outlines a plan for improvement.

Also available:

  • A Leader’s Guide offers administrative information and debriefing options to help the person who is facilitating MEPS in the organization. PowerPoint show also available.
  • Re-testing with MEPS 6-12 months later to check progress toward improvement goals and modify strategies if needed.




The Management Effectiveness Profile System® is a registered trademark of Human Synergistics, Inc., Plymouth, MI, U.S.A.

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The Management Effectiveness Profile System® assists mid to upper-level managers in evaluating their on-the-job skills and compares their abilities with a database of more than 5,000 other managers.

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